The Range Rover Evoque


I’ve always been a big fan of the Jaguar Land Rover group and in particular I’ve harboured a fairly strong love for the Land Rover Defender. It’s been around since 1983 and was developed from the original Land Rover Series that was launched in 1948.

Function or Form

What I love is the true, honest, ruggedness of it. It’s built for one purpose, tackling the great outdoors! And, in my opinion, it also looks great too. It’s such a simple design which is exactly how it needs to be. This is seemingly a case of function over form yet the function instantly makes it look cool with its big chunky tyres and simple, square build. Fitted with the V8 engine it will also sound beefy, which is good, very good! Ever since I can remember I’ve had a desire to own one and I am still pursuing such an aspiration!

The Evoque

I can’t recall there ever being an ugly Range Rover or Land Rover produced (views and opinions welcome on this matter), and the latest model to come from the people at Jaguar Land Rover is very much in keeping with this. The Evoque is a spectacular looking 4×4. It’s so refreshing to see Range Rover going their own way with the styling and design as the baby Range looks nothing like its rivals. It looks edgy, unique and really quite fashionable. It’s almost like a fashion accessory more than a car.

However, how does it drive? By all accounts, very well indeed! It can handle the tricky off-road stuff whilst also being smooth and comfortable on the road.

Under the Bonnet

With a 240bhp 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol engine under the bonnet, the Evoque is not short of grunt and acceleration either. It also comes with diesel alternatives which may prove to have cheaper motor insurance for those that are looking to keep costs down.

The 6-speed automatic gearbox is also very responsive and smooth and it has been claimed that the Evoque will be able to achieve 32.5mpg, which for something of its size is very respectable!

The Evoque has already proven popular too as I have seen a number of them on the roads in recent weeks and they are sure to continue selling well.

Would you like to own one of the latest fashion items on the automotive market? With prices starting around £40,000, it will certainly be one expensive fashion statement, but one that owners will absolutely love!

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