The Lotus Exige S Will Rock Your Socks


For so many years Lotus were considered one of Britain’s quiet little motoring companies, simply going about their day to day business designing and building cars that handled brilliantly but always failed to compete with the big guns in the industry.

Then, something happened. His name’s Dany Bahar and he has a vision. His vision is to take Lotus to the very top of the automotive pile. He wants to compete with Ferrari and Lamborghini for supercar supremacy, and hat’s off to the man! He has ambition, something, pre-Bahar, Lotus seemingly lacked as they would, every now and then, produce cars that struggled to sell.

New Dawn

With Bahar’s vision and direction, Lotus have a clear path laid out for the future. A path that looks really quite exciting. Since the charismatic CEO took over, Lotus have looked punchier and more passionate about their cars than they perhaps did in years gone by, as a consequence of this they’ve managed to run into controversy in recent months, not least the PR disaster at the beginning of April. However, this month, they’ve pushed that all aside and they’ve got the automotive world talking about their latest creation; the fantastic new Exige S.

The Exige S is the Lotus that everyone in the industry has been waiting for: it handles like a Lotus and goes like a Ferrari. However, it comes in at a snippet of the price of a Ferrari and will also be cheaper when it comes to car insurance quotes and general maintenance.

The Figures


Let’s start with the exciting bit, the engine. It’s the 3.5 litre supercharged V6 that you get in the Evora S and it is very quick indeed. With the Lotus Exige S only weighing around 1100kg, it will accelerate from a standstill to the magic 60mph in just 3.8 seconds, which puts it immediately in competition with top line supercars.

Then, when you get to the twisty stuff, the new Dynamic Performance Management (DPM) system will slingshot you out of the corners. The DPM system works similarly to a Ferrari 458’s onboard computer – you have four settings, Race, Touring, Sport and Off. When playing around with these settings it’s possible to tell the car to learn the surface of the road along with the type of tyres you’re using for future reference. Very clever indeed!

The image surrounding Lotus has certainly changed since Bahar arrived, they will have gained fans, but they may also have lost fans. Tell us what you think of Group Lotus by leaving a comment below.

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