The Friday Five – Top Wacky Races Cars

This 17 episode series which originally ran for just 4 months from 1968-1969, brought child-like fantasy to the world of competitive racing. For young ones that couldn’t appreciate the thrill of F1 or any other real life competitive racing, the antics seen on Wacky Races filled that void.

So this week the Friday Five is revisiting our childhood and working out what the best cars were. But regardless of who came first or last, or which owner had the coolest car, you can bet taking part in these races made their motor insurance premiums soar!

1. The Mean Machine driven by Dick Dastardly and Muttley


The car which never won a single race but certainly had the potential to win them all. If only Dick Dastardly would have taken the time to drive the entire race without stopping or trying to destroy his opponents. But alas, the desire to win can cause people to act extremely irrationally.

His car was arguably the fastest and one of the better equipped wacky vehicles in the competition. It had a rocket powered engine, multiple weapons, the ability to fly and a dorsal fin which I assume helped make it look extra mean.

[Image Credit – Hanna Barbera and]

2. The Convert-a-Car driven by Professor Pat Pending


Certainly one of the more innovative vehicles on the road, Professor Pat Pending (pun intended) customised his vehicle to convert into almost anything. Looking at the vehicle it appears to be a repackaged boat which I imagine allows plentiful room for all his gadgets. Some of his wacky gadgets and conversions include a motorcycle, giant bowling ball, freeze gun, bow and arrow power, steeple chase Horse power and a ditch digger.

[Image Credit – Hanna Barbera and]

3. The Creepy Coupe driven by The Gruesome Twosome


This haunting duo certainly brought some fire to the races, courtesy of the belfry fitted on their vehicle which was home to a winged, fire-breathing dragon. This odd extension also kept ghosts, snakes, bats and other ghoulish horrors to spook drivers off the track.
Playing to their strengths, Little Gruesome was the brains behind their tactics while Big Gruesome provided the muscle. Also tying in with their creepy haunted mansion vibe, the car’s headlights were fitted with wax candles.

[Image Credit – Hanna Barbera and]

4. The Compact Pussycat driven by Penelope Pitstop


Being the only female on the track, if Penelope’s bright pink beauty parlour on wheels didn’t turn heads she certainly would. Almost always the damsel in distress when dastardly tricks caused her problems, nearly every driver in the race was more than happy to sacrifice their win, in order to help in her hour of need.

Now while the pink and yellow coloured car with lips for a grill is certainly a niche design, you have to admire the variety of gadgets installed to satisfy Penelope’s vanity.

[Image Credit – Hanna Barbera and]

5. The Bulletproof Bomb driven by The Ant Hill Mob


The Bulletproof Bomb is modelled after the 1920s Limousine Sedan, created by the Lincoln Motor Company which was later bought by Ford. It’s a spacious vehicle that can fit all 7 pint-sized members of the Mob and is free from any quirky gadgets.
But these little guys were not defenceless, they were ‘packing heat’. Any oncoming attack was met with a shower of Tommy gun bullets. Another creative feature they used was “Getaway Power”, which involved the Mob running with the car to add speed.

[Image Credit – Hanna Barbera and]

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