The Friday Five – Top Hot Hatches

The term ‘hot hatch’ gained widespread use through the 1980s thanks to the influx of high performance hatchbacks from the late 70s onwards, beginning with the VW Golf GT and the Renault 5 Alpine in the 70s. This week, though, the Friday Five this week focuses on hot hatches that are available to buy now!

5. Mini Cooper


Coming in at 5th place this week is the Mini Cooper. The Mini Cooper has been a long standing favourite in the UK, not only because pre-BMW it was symbolic of being the ultimate British run-around, but also because the new Mini has incorporated so many lovable features that helped make it such a success the first time round. It’s a good looking, easy to drive, fun hatchback and the fact that it has the name ‘Cooper’ attached makes it hot!

4. Ford Focus ST


The Focus ST is another great hot hatch with a 2.0 litre turbo under the bonnet that produces 247bhp, which is a substantial amount of power from something so small. This allows it to hit 60mph in just 6.2 seconds and compete with cars twice the price. The ST is one of the more expensive options in this list, however.

3. Volkswagen Golf GTi


The Golf GTi, seen by many as the original hot hatch, simply had to feature. The Golf GTi has, over a number of years, been thought of as something that has grown further and further away from what it was originally intended to be, however, the last two models have firmly re-established the GTi at the top of the hot hatch market. They, of course, are incredibly popular too with a large number of motor insurance quotes have been purchased on such models.

2. Renault Clio RS


The Clio RS sits in 2nd place this week thanks to its all-round appeal. It’s one of the cheapest hot hatches on the market, yet one of the best too, pound for pound. With a beefy 2.0 litre engine that develops 200bhp, the Clio RS is no slouch, despite it being a pretty heavy car. It’s advantage though over the competition is its ability to take corners. The Clio RS was built in the old Alpine factory in Dieppe and rather than just putting a large engine in an everyday car, the Clio RS has been designed with performance in mind, ground up.

1. Ford Focus RS


The Focus RS is our number 1 hot hatch this week. The Focus RS comes with a 300bhp engine which will get the car from 0-60mph in less than 6 seconds and will go onto to 163mph. It also handles well and is capable of being an everyday run-around and a track day powerhouse.

But then again, all these hot hatches are capable of that!

What’s your favourite?

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