The Friday Five – Superhero Cars

Welcome to our first Friday Five feature. This is where we rank our favourite five cars within a given category. This week it’s Superhero Cars! Now, of course, one may struggle to get motor insurance on such cars, however the point of these features is to have some fun and let you guys tell us what you think the top five should be! So, please have a look through the pictures and let us know how you’d rank your five favourite superhero cars by leaving us a comment below. Enjoy!

1. Batman’s Batmobile


Bruce Wayne created his alter ego to prevent criminals from terrorising the residents of Gotham City. Being heir to a ridiculously large fortune, you expect he’ll travel the roads in style and the Batmobile never failed to impress. Surprisingly, the first time the car was introduced in the comics it was a conspicuous shade of red. When the Batman films came round from 1989 onwards a distinctive sleek, black design was used although the overlook varied from film to film. The current design for the Christopher Nolan trilogy, resembles a tricked out army tank and has the added feature of converting to a Batcycle/Batpod.

2. Green Hornet Black Beauty


The Green Hornet is not the most popular or well known hero but his mode of transport is a thing of beauty. So much so that his 1965 Chrysler Imperial is named “Black Beauty”. This luxury vehicle has many additional features, courtesy of Britt Reid’s (Hornet’s real name) personal fortune and his sidekick Kato’s mechanical skills. Machine guns, missiles and flamethrowers are some of the more destructive weaponry onboard. Cool visual aspects include suicide doors, green headlights, a bulletproof steel body and spikes on the wheels which could damage any enemy car that gets too close. Although you could be far away and still get wiped out by their impressive arsenal of weapons.

3. Tony Stark/Ironman’s Collection


Alright, so Ironman’s mode of transportation is his high powered suit made of a gold-titanium alloy. But with the help of his ingenious engineering ability and Stark Industries, he can fund a life of luxury which extends to his personal collection of cars, which are seen in the 2008 action film. Not a great deal of attention is paid to them, but they are always wonderfully lined up in his garage/workshop like a personal showroom. Stark’s car collection includes a Saleen S7, the 2008 Audi R8, a Tesla Roadster and a 1967 Shelby Cobra which meets an untimely end after Tony crash-lands on it.

4. Fantastic 4 Fantasticar


Often ridiculed and nick-named “the flying bathtub”, when it debuted in the 2007 Fantastic Four film sequel, the original white colour was replaced by a metallic gold/bronze shade. Some argue it’s more aeroplane than car but it hovers over pavements which is good enough. The Fantasticar resembles some sort of UFO but it can split up into 4 independently controlled sections and its features prove once again, knowledge of science and engineering gets you far in the car department. This vehicle has a bulletproof body and accelerates like a spaceship, courtesy of Mr. Fantastic aka Dr. Reed Richards. Possibly its most practical feature has to be the ability to carry solid rock behemoth, The Thing.

[image credit – Ich Selbst on Wikimedia]

5. Spiderman’s Spider-Mobile


Spiderman was asked to build and advertise a vehicle on behalf of Corona Motors (not the best idea for a car company and beer brand to have the same name). Just like the ‘Black Beauty’ this dune-buggy was modified and featured web shooters, ejection seats, the ability to drive up walls and remote control steering. It also has a non-polluting engine which would make the environmentally friendly very happy. However, the one way this car differs from the others in our list is that it was used against Spiderman at one point. It was able to nullify his powers, but in the end, good prevailed and Spiderman’s last words about his temporary four-wheeled companion were, “Good Riddance!”

[image credit – Marvel Comics]



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