The Friday Five: Most Stolen and Recovered cars

Last year there were just under half a million reported incidents of third party car crime. That’s a huge number of incidents of which most happened in Hull and seven other cities in the Midlands and North East. The safest place was however Swindon, which incidentally has the most complicated roundabout in the United Kingdom. Many cars do however get returned, a probability which is improved a lot if you have a GPS tracking device, which should also reduce your car insurance quote.

According to Tracker, a company which provides such a service, the top 5 vehicles to be stolen and recovered are as follows:

5. Audi TT


The Audi TT is a popular vehicle to be stolen by thieves. The TT has been the staple of the young middle class professional with its sporty looks and good handling, faintly reminiscent of its bigger brother, the R8.

4. Audi RS4


Another Audi to make it into the top 5 is the RS4, which has a maximum speed of 155mph (electronically limited). The RS4 has a formidable reputation and produces a lot of power for its engine’s size.

3. BMW M3

The third most stolen vehicle in 2010 was the BMW M3. It has a 4.0 litre V8 engine, formidable handling and is often quoted as being one of the best cars on the road by sceptics.

2. Range Rover


In second place is the Range Rover, which costs just under £70,000. The new Rangerover has an all new aluminium space frame chassis which has reduced weight a huge amount and improved fuel efficiency too.

1. BMW X5

The X5 has been crowned as the most stolen and recovered car. It’s a common site on British street and has had good reviews all round, being both fast, safe, quiet, comfortable and practical. It’s also also proving quite a steal with thieves around the UK.



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