The Friday Five – Ferrari

Last week it was our favourite five Aston Martin’s, this week we’re talking all about Ferrari! It’s the F40’s 25th anniversary this year, and this past weekend a world record 60 F40’s took to the Silverstone circuit as part of the celebration. So it seems only right for this week’s Friday Five to focus on the prancing horse, Ferrari!

5. Ferrari 355


The Ferrari 355 makes it onto the Friday Five thanks to its looks and wide reaching appeal. It’s by no means a sharpened supercar and it doesn’t try to be. What it is, is an aesthetic masterpiece and a 90s icon. The 355 is also one of the most common Ferrari’s around with 11,273 units produced. The 355 is therefore one of the most popular Ferrari’s out there and it’s quite reasonably priced too, for what is still a premium car. A decent one can be picked up for something in the £30,000 region. Do expect motor insurance to be classified as group 20 however.

4. Ferrari Daytona


The Daytona sits at number 4 thanks to its legendary status and styling. The car’s official title is the 365 GTB/4 whilst a 365 GTS/4 was also produced. A total of 1,284 of the former were produced whilst just 122 of the latter were built which made them incredibly rare then and even more so now. The Daytona is, without doubt, one of the most elegant cars ever created and something to suit all occasions.

3. Ferrari 250 GTO


The 250 GTO just recently was listed as the greatest Ferrari of all time. On our list, we’ve put it at number 3. It is a truly special machine as only 39 of them were produced. GTO stands for “Gran Turismo Omologata” which means “Grand Touring Homologated” as the 250 GTO was produced for homologation into the FIA’s Group 3 Grand Touring Car category. When new, prospective owners had to seek personal approval from Enzo Ferrari. Quite an interesting way to buy a car!

2. Ferrari 458 Italia


The 458 sits at number 2 on our top five Ferrari’s of all time. Not only is the 458 absolutely stunning, but it delivers incredible performance too! Around a track it’s the fastest road legal Ferrari ever built thanks to its intelligent, exceptional handling and thunderous power.

1. Ferrari F40


And at number 1, the birthday boy, the Ferrari F40! In our opinion not only the greatest Ferrari ever produced, but one of the greatest cars ever produced. The F40 is so brilliant because it’s so simple. There’s no tricky technology and no interfering tools. There’s a V8 twin turbocharged engine at the rear, a driver in the middle, and the road ahead. Handling wise it’s pretty fantastic too as it has one of the most direct front ends you can imagine. You simply point the car where you want to go and control the amount of throttle you give it. It’s a bit like a scaled up go kart and it’s astonishingly good fun!

What’s your favourite Ferrari of all time? Would you change anything in our Friday Five list this week? Do let us know by leaving a comment, we’d love to hear from you!



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