The Dodge SRT Viper

The iconic muscle car, a snarling, vicious and uncompromising machine, right? Well, yes, but not as much as before. The Viper is now slightly more sensible, and there won’t be those build-quality niggles you often associate with cars built across the pond. It’s a lot more comfortable, but you’ll still burn yourself as you get out of it though, so it’s not entirely tame.

Blistering Performance

The Dodge still comes with a v10 8.4 litre engine and rear wheel drive, all of which takes the car from 0-60 in a staggering 3.5 seconds and up to a top speed of 206mph. The V10 in question produces a huge 640 bhp at a mere 6150 rpm as well as 600 lb ft of torque The gearbox is a Tremec close-ratio six-speed manual as standard. The GTS version has even closer ratio gears.

The exhaust note is not like that of a Ferrari, but rather coarser, meaner and less refined, as it resonates from the side-exiting exhausts. The bonnet is ridiculously long, but then it has to be, in order to house the longitudinally-arranged v10 monster.


The new Viper SRT has been given stability control, previously unseen on Vipers, but you can turn it off if you’re feeling brave! You also get launch control with a button located on the steering wheel. The handling is much better now, thanks to new Blistein monotube dampers and Brembo brakes. We doubt that it will be as good as its European or Japanese counterparts, however the Americans have given it a go at least, and it’s better than the old Viper.

The interior is now much improved too, with hand-stitched leather and no more cheap plastic bits, characteristic of previous Vipers as well as most American cars. You also get a full LCD information panel as well as a satellite navigation system.

The bad news is that none will be up for sale in Europe, but rest assured that some will find their way into the UK with the help of enthusiasts willing to pay the taxes and import fees (which could add up to another £10,000 on top of the American asking prices starting around the (rather reasonable) £65,000 mark). Oh and car insurance is always more expensive for imports, if you can get it insured, that is.

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