The best automobile in the world?

Mercedes have officially revealed their brand new Mercedes-Benz S-Class model, charged with the task of replacing two existing model lines.

Aiming to continue the four-door saloon’s dominance of the luxury car market worldwide with its combination of comfort, space, efficiency, safety, quality and connectivity, Mercedes boss Dr Dieter Zetsche has already described the car as “the best automobile in the world.”

The bare mechanics

For those interested in what’s under the bonnet, at launch the new S-Class will be available with the choice of four engines including the S 350 BlueTec diesel which uses a 258hp V6 diesel engine that delivers a time of 6.8 seconds going 0-62mph yet returns 146g/km CO2 and combined fuel economy of 51.3mpg.

The S-Class will possess a brand new suspension system dubbed Magic Body Control as well as built-in cameras which are able to scan the road ahead, relaying information back to the computers and allowing air suspension to be altered depending on the conditions.

Sleek exterior

The design of the latest S-Class is very much in-keeping with the design of other new Mercedes, with a larger, more upright grille and sculpted headlights. With regards to the lights, the S-Class is the first car in the world to use LED lights instead of conventional bulbs, with a total of 56 individual LEDs in the headlights and 35 in the tail lights.

In contrast to past generations of the S-Class, which started out as standard wheelbase models before being lengthened, the latest model was designed as a long wheelbase car prior to being shortened. This increased length may very well be a tribute to the S-Class’ popularity in China, where the new car will be offered solely as a longer limousine type.

Luxurious interior

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class truly comes into its own when examining the interior though.

Two 12.3-inch widescreen TFT screens will dominate the dashboard, providing the driver with traditional instrument information, infotainment and navigation functions, with a 10 speaker stereo system also fitted as standard.

In terms of space, with its longer, wider and taller dimensions, the S-Class now has additional room for heads, shoulders and elbows as well as increased legroom in the back.

It’s the passengers who are really spoiled by the Mercedes-Benz S-Class however.

With five different rear seat designs, ranging from traditional rear bench styles to two ‘Executive’ seats that are able to recline independently, the car also features heated armrests.

The passenger luxury treatment doesn’t stop there either. The S-Class includes a state of the art active perfuming system which fragrances the air conditioning, as well as a hot stone massage function for both the front and rear seats.

Of course, with such extravagant features and accessories, car insurance for the new S-Class will be far more expensive than for a traditional vehicle.

The new S-Class goes on sale in September with prices ranging from £79,789 for the S 350 BlueTec model, through to to £107,630 for the long wheelbase S 500.



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