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Lamborghini to Launch the Urus

The Beijing Motor Show is up and running with today being the opening press day as the show runs for the entirety of the week and into early May, and already there’s been a shock. The shock has been caused by Lamborghini as they’ve showcased their latest concept car – and no, it isn’t an Aventador beater or a 1000bhp hyper-car. What it is, is a big 4×4 SUV!
The Urus
Are Lamborghini going down the route […]

Subaru to Launch BRZ

Since the launch of the first Impreza in 1993, Subaru’s have excited petrol heads across the land and now there’s an all new beast ready to be unleashed to get us excited once again. The BRZ will launch this year and the UK specification for the extremely anticipated car has been revealed.
Top Spec Model
The top of the range BRZ will come fitted with shiny, 17 inch alloy wheels, LED daytime running lights, dual-zone climate control, […]

Sales Increase for Bentley

Bentley have seen UK sales increase by over 20% last month according to the latest statistics that have been released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). According to the stats, the Crewe-based firm have sold 65 cars in the UK in November, this is 20.4% more than the same period in 2010.
Sales Figures
So far this year, Bentley has sold a total of 986 cars in the UK. This is up by 4.5% during […]

Uninsured Drivers Rife

I came across some interesting news last week regarding car insurance dodgers. The news was that the Director of AA Insurance was expressing his personal concerns at the lenient nature taking by the authorities who hand out fines for driving without car insurance cover.
Simon Douglas was quoted saying: “We’re failing honest motorists by such lenient fines. In my view, it’s vital to get the message over to this motoring underclass and, importantly, to their friends […]

The Average Driver Spends up to £2,999 Year on their Car

According to the latest research from Age UK Enterprises, the commercial services arm of Charity Age UK, the average driver spends nearly up to £3,000 every year on their car. The survey shows that price is the most important factor when people pick a car, with 23% (one in four) opting for the cheapest, most drivers still spend a tremendous amount annually on car insurance cover and the general costs of running it.
Car Owners
Two thirds of […]

Rural motorists getting the worst deal

It would appear that the austerity measures imposed by the incumbent Government and the high cost of motoring brought about by several factors is affecting the rural population of the UK far more than those who live in the cities.
Costs escalating
It is no secret that more and more motorists are reluctantly having to abandon their cars, especially families who own second cars. The cost of petrol and diesel is perhaps the main reason why people […]

The day of the tortoise

Research out this week suggests that motorists in all corners of the UK are desperately searching for ways to cut down on driving costs.
Cost of motoring becoming a big worry
Coming on the back of a report from financiers suggesting it will soon cost £100 to fill up your car, a report from a car auction company suggests that almost half of us are considering getting a motor vehicle insurance quote on a smaller car. British Car […]

Forecourt fill up set to cost £100

As the cost of motoring seems to become more expensive by the day, a leading financial “Think Tank” have warned drivers in the UK that they may well be paying over £100 to fill their car with fuel in the not too distant future.
Experts warn of rising costs
It is no secret that fuel prices, maintenance costs and car insurance cover are at their highest rates ever, but a report by the ITEM club suggests we ain’t […]

Who didn’t win an award?

The Scottish car of the year show took place over the weekend and if motorists north of the border were wondering exactly what sort of car they should get motor insurance quotes on, then they may be more confused than ever after attending the show.
List of winners was endless
The list of winners seemed endless and anyone looking to purchase a new vehicle really was spoilt for choice. Should they opt for the new Volkswagen […]

Conflict between residents and business now commonplace

Controversial council plans that would limit the amount of time a driver can park on a busy Middleton town centre street have moved another step closer. Council officers are preparing to visit the street and to draw up plans to curtail parking in the vicinity. It is a process being played out across the towns and cities of the UK where motorists are finding it ever more difficult to place their car where they […]