Staying Safe on the Roads during Half Term

If you are a parent then you will already know that half term starts next week for thousands of children across the country, and as this is the last school holiday before Christmas you may see this as the perfect time to go away with your family. However, motorists are already being warned that they may encounter some issues if planning on traveling next week – issues that you may not have previously thought about. So if you are planning on going away next week make sure you read MotorQuoteDirect’s top tips first:

Issue 1 – Traffic

Traffic during the school holidays is something that most people expect, especially on the Friday that the schools break up. Traveling during rush hour on a Friday night is never easy in the first place, however this Friday more people will be heading to see family and friends which means that the roads will be especially busy. As always, the motorways and large A-roads will be the busiest areas, which is why, if you can, it may be best to avoid them. If you have no other option but to drive on the motorway you should prepare yourself for waiting in traffic for potentially hours. If you have particularly young children it is therefore wise to bring food, drinks and toys with you in order to keep them comfortable and entertained during the journey. Getting stuck in traffic is bad enough, the last thing you need is a screaming child to deal with too!

Issue 2 – Wet Weather

Unlike driving during the summer holidays, the weather during this half term is set to be cold, wet and potentially very windy. Earlier this week there were numerous disruptions on the roads due to the tail-end of Hurricane Gonzalo hitting the UK. Unfortunately, nervous drivers tend to make mistakes when caught in adverse weather conditions, especially if they are on the motorway or driving in areas they don’t know. In order to stay safe you should always check the weather report before you leave as well as whether the Met Office has issued any severe weather warnings. If you are not comfortable driving in these sorts of conditions the best advice is don’t; however if you are caught out while on the road make sure you stay calm, reduce your speed, and pull over to somewhere safe until it passes.

Issue 3 – Train Stations and Airports

According to National Express, over twenty-two thousand journeys have been booked for Sunday 26th October meaning that if you are planning on traveling by rail or air you should expect long wait times. Furthermore, parking facilities will be extremely busy so if possible try and book a space before you leave, and whatever you do don’t park your vehicle somewhere unsafe otherwise you may have to claim on your car insurance for damage of theft when you return! If you have a flight booked for next week then you should leave ample time for getting to the airport. It is predicted for Heathrow and Stanstead airports to experience a large amount of visitors over the next few days, and just one broken down vehicle or accident on the road could make the difference between you making your flight or having to turn around and go home.

Issue 4 – Insurance

The travel specialist Abta and the Foreign Office have recently released a joint statement reminding people to purchase travel insurance before going abroad after recent studies suggested that twenty-two per cent of travellers visit foreign countries with no cover. Traveling without adequate insurance is extremely dangerous, as if you encounter issues in a foreign country you will be left to pay the bill yourself. If you are planning on driving in a foreign country it is also essential that you check you are covered by your car insurance and potentially even take out EU breakdown cover. As previously mentioned, with the weather being so unpredictable right now it’s difficult to be sure that you won’t encounter issues while on the road, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

By following the above tips you are much more likely to spend next week enjoying a well-deserved break with your family instead of potentially wasting both your time and money!

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