Range Rover: From Classic to Urban Cult

Range Rover have really excelled themselves through the years, to the extent that their brand has been redefined from being all-purpose to becoming an urban status symbol. This has been epitomised by the release of such models as the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport with its most powerful model housing a v8 510bhp engine.

Practical but stylish

The image of practicality and utility has been adhered -to pretty faithfully too, despite criticisms that it is not quite up to the task of tackling extreme off-road terrain – in that department, the Range Rover is not in same category as its true 4wd off-road counterparts such as the Land Rover Discoveries and Toyota Land Cruisers of this world. The new model has however regained some respect in the off-road department.


In 1970, when the Range Rover first arrived, it was really quite revolutionary. It was a luxury off-roader, something which didn’t exist then. At the time, an off-roader was Spartan, rugged and there were very few comfort features. Range Rover wanted something which looked just as at home in Mayfair as it would on a muddy farm, and they succeeded. In the 2000’s though, the car was adopted by city-dwellers – most of them never touching the countryside or anything which could be described as ‘rough terrain’. It is now therefore not uncommon for the words ‘bling’ and Range Rover to be used in the same sentence, depending on the social circles you frequent.

A British Classic

The new Range Rover is unlikely to shake off such connotations (they bring in good business), despite the late Spen King, the car’s original designer saying he “never intended (the Range Rover to be built) as a status symbol but later incarnations of my design seem to be intended for that purpose.” It is however a far better country-faring machine than its predecessor. The main reason for this is that its chassis will be made entirely out of aluminium instead of steel, meaning that the chassis will weigh only 40% of the old steel one. This means that the whole thing will shed around half a tonne – much better for fuel economy and scaling mountains.

The Range Rover is good for British Business, and UK PLC in general. It’s popular worldwide, and since its inception in the 70’s, has weathered economic storms, stiff competition and overcome technological obstacles. It’s still a car that you can go anywhere with, in style, and it’s now very reliable – your car insurance won’t be cheap though.

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