Peugeot’s new 208 GTi!

Small, compact and fast, this is what we’ve been waiting for since the original 205 released some 25 years ago. Since the original, both the 206 and 207’s were too lethargic and quite frankly rather boring. Other manufacturers producing better hot hatches in the same price bracket have meant that Peugeot 207 sales have been hit hard.

A visit to weight watchers

The 208 however comes to the rescue. It’s lost 100kg compared to its predecessor and weights in at 1160kg. The GTi has been endowed with a 1.6 litre turbo engine producing the same 200bhp output as the Renault RS 2.0 litre lump. Impressive as it’s the same engine used in the new RCZ which produces 260bhp when tuned up. From this you get a top speed of 130mph through its close ratio 6 speed gear box and a 0-60 time of 6.9 seconds.

Inside the ergonomics are much improved and its much more aesthetically pleasing. Much more effort has gone into the interior to give it a better-quality feel, as well as making the buttons more tactile. Soft plastics and high spec rubber have made this possible. There is a smaller steering wheel and the dash board has been improved with updated digital clocks.

No wallet-breaker

If you’re on a budget you can get the basic 208 which comes in at a wallet-saving £9,995 as well as being low on road tax due to its extremely low emissions and getting a good MPG. You should be able to get cheap car insurance for it too. Alternatively you can get the 1.4 litre diesel version which has an astonishing mpg of 83 and carbon emissions of 87g/km.

The handling is improved too and if I was looking to get a new small car there’s very few other cars which could better the new 208 in terms of value, convenience and performance. The top-of-the-range GTi model will set you back around £17000.

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