Cash-for-crash accidents – staged every 12 minutes!

Car insurance firms think more than 300,000 cash-for-crash staged accidents have taken place on Britain’s roads over the past five years.
Although insurers, the courts and police have put the brakes on scammers by tightening up personal injury claim procedures, around 30,000 drivers reported they were a victim of the scam last year.
Over the five years, that works out as more than 1,000 accidents every week – which breaks down to one every 12 minutes of every hour seven days a week.
Almost two-thirds of victims are […]

First Aid Training as part of your Driving Test?

MP’s are currently giving thought to introducing a mandatory first aid training course to be taken prior to taking your driving test.
According to St John’s Ambulance, 59 percent wouldn’t feel confident to attempt to save a life at the road side, with half of deaths from road collisions occurring within minutes of an incident. Most feel they would wait until an ambulance arrived.
Change has potential to save hundreds of lives

Men vs. Women: who are the better drivers?

 Men vs. Women: who are the better drivers?
Last October Lewis Hamilton once again flew the flag for Britain in the Formula One series, bringing home his 3rd world title and officially being named the best driver in the world. Some may say that this is more proof towards the belief that men are better drivers than women – however can this be true when there are notoriously few female racing drivers?
If we look at driving on a more general basis and not just on the […]

How are Millennials saving money on their Car Insurance?


Changes in Driving Habits and Laws Over the Last 50 Years!

Changes in Driving Habits and Laws Over the Last 50 Years
This year Bedford Insurance is officially turning 50, which got us thinking: what has changed in the motoring world over the past half a century?
After a bit of research we found all sorts of crazy facts and information, such as that it wasn’t until 1970 that driving instructors had to be officially registered and that there are currently 27 million vehicles on the UK’s roads!

The Detroit Auto Show

Mercedes Benz BadgeThe Detroit Auto Show was held earlier this month and from the reports it looks as though it was pretty spectacular. So to stop ourselves feeling sad over not being able to attend, here at MotorQuoteDirect we have decided to share with you some of the highlights!

Competition Time – Win a Play Tray with MotorQuoteDirect!

Image of Competition Prize
Now that the Christmas holidays are over parents across the UK have resumed their daily school run complete with screaming kids, rush hour traffic and forgotten lunchboxes. Here at MotorQuoteDirect we know even the most angelic child can turn into a monster when strapped into a car, which is why in this month’s competition we are giving away a Play Tray!

Best Vehicles for Winter Driving

Image of StreetAre you looking to treat yourself to a new car this Christmas? If so we have put together a list of vehicles that are perfect for winter. Four wheel drives are obviously better for winter than two wheel drives as they have more grip on the roads and four wheel drives are a lot more economical than they used to be.
There are a range of four wheel drives that feel very similar to driving a two wheel […]

MotorQuoteDirect is giving away a Christmas Hamper!

Everybody knows that during Christmas it is essential that you treat yourself to as much food and drink as possible, which is why most of us here at MotorQuoteDirect start strict diets in the New Year! However, while it’s time to spoil ourselves we have decided to give away a Christmas Hamper to one lucky winner on Twitter!

Road Safety Tips this Winter

Winter RoadWinter is definitely here and with Christmas only five weeks away (yes we said it!) it is important that you take safety on the roads very seriously as they become more dangerous at this time of year.
Breakdowns are extremely common over Christmas; just as you want an extra five minutes in bed on a cold morning it seems our vehicles react in the same way! So below are some top tips to ensure that you don’t […]