New Plans for Tough Treatment for Bad Drivers


Bad drivers habits – Yesterday we discussed in the news the more severe punishments that are going to be imposed for drivers. Below we have written the top three things and what you can do to stop being caught out.

The top three irritating habits of drivers on the road are undoubtedly illegal mobile phone use, middle-lane hogging and tailgating. However long you’ve been driving, you’ll have certainly come across one of these! Though all of these bad habits are most definitely illegal, until recently they had only been punishable by lenient fines and, often, only through court procedures which didn’t get followed through. New measures announced by the government yesterday, however, mean that the punishments for motorists’ pet hates are soon to be stepped up.

Mobile Phone Users

The dangers of using a mobile phone at the wheel are often compared to drink-driving and even substance abuse in terms of reduced reaction times. Whether you’re calling, texting or just switching it off, using your phone at the wheel could now land you an on-the-spot £100 fine, with the possibility of a court summons if the offence is more serious. This is an increase from the previous level of £60 and the possibility of penalty points still remains.

Lane Hoggers

The term ‘middle-lane hoggers’ seem to have arisen specifically for this bit of legislation and it refers to those who driving slower that the traffic in the middle lane of a motorway without returning to the left-hand lane. It’s illegal to pass the lane-hog on the inside and difficult to pass on the outside and, if new legislation is passed, it will be punishable by similar on-the-spot fines and penalty points.

Tailgating and Inappropriate Overtaking

Tailgating is perhaps the most dangerous of the offences that the government is looking to punish and not leaving an appropriate gap behind the car in-front can directly lead to accidents. On-the-spot punishments here are likely to be even more severe and the possibility of attracting up to three points instantly will worry frequent tailgaters. Of course, fines are hard to suffer but license points often mean an increase in your motor insurance policy premium and could even lead to long term bans from the road. The AA has welcomed the introduction of these punishments and it could be a step in the right direction to make driving a little more pleasant for everyone.



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