New Nissan Z Model in the Pipeline


Nissan has announced plans for their next Nissan Z model car. This will be the successor to the 350Z and 370Z and Shiro Nakamura, the design boss, has suggested that he wants the new Z car to appeal to a wider range of buyers. He has also indicated that it will be lighter and leaner than the previous 370Z.

Mr Nakamura has stated that the replacement for the 370Z is “at an early stage” and that there is “a concept car to come”.

Z Performance

The new Z car is seemingly still quite a way away if rumours are to be believed that the 2014 Detroit Motor Show is a possible launch platform for the concept car. Nissan do seem keen to revive the Z range however, particularly in the light of a recent downturn in sales.

The current 370Z has certainly not performed as well as the 2002 350Z with sales having declined by 45% last year from the 2009 peak in the US, the Z’s largest market.

The 350Z was a resounding success in Europe, the US and Japan and the 370Z simply hasn’t encouraged buyers quite so much. Motor insurance quotes on 370Z models have not been quite as popular. One cause of the downturn in sales will, undoubtedly, have been the global recession.


However, Nissan want the next Z car to bring in the response they hoped the 370Z would receive with Nakamura saying: “The next one has to have a stronger impact.”
Mr Nakamura added: “It cannot be any larger. It’s at its maximum size now and should go leaner.”

The next Z model will therefore feature a downsized engine, likely to be a four cylinder turbo rather than today’s 3.7 litre V6. It is expected that this will help in terms of broadening the cars appeal.

The Nissan Z model cars are not only pretty quick, but they’re good looking cars too that have always been well designed. The next Z car is sure to continue these traits and the added impetus of a turbocharger is a promising addition.

Are you a fan of the previous Z model Nissan’s?



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