New Nissan Leaf


The latest version of the Nissan Leaf has been produced here in England and is in fact the very first electric vehicle to be made here. It is said to be the rival for Ford Focus but those who are inspecting the engine, are going to be very surprised. It looks just like a conventional engine and this has been done so those who are used to driving petrol or diesel engines are more reassured when driving an electric vehicle. Lee Twomey is a sales advisor at Nissan has said, “The weirdest part of the car is how normal it looks underneath.

The Nissan Leaf is set to be in showrooms this month which will now make the total range of vehicles that are available in fuel alternatives in the UK at 36. Ahead of the launch the Institute of Public Policy Research is pushing the government to implement a green badge system, similar to the blue badge system for the disabled. They are hoping that if the government takes on the scheme then free badge holders won’t have to pay at car parks, toll roads or in congestion zones. All these savings would definitely help to paying for the car insurance policy!

The Pros

Some of the main selling points of the new Nissan Leaf are that they are hoping that it will be cheaper than the previous model and have a short charging time as well as a longer driving range. Carlos Ghosn has estimated that by 2020 10% of the car market globally will be a demand for electric vehicles. Nissan will be able to play against its competitors such as Toyota who already have a hybrid collection.

Environmentally Friendly

The Committee on Climate Change has said that the government needs to have 1.7 million cars on the road by 2020 in order to comply with greenhouse gas targets. Although this seems optimistic there was a poll held by the RAC has found that 50% of drivers would consider alternative fueled cars in response to the increasing prices of fuel. Although many have concerns over the charging points of the vehicles and the performance of them compared with traditional cars. Unfortunately eco-friendly cars aren’t as green as we are led to believe as the majority emit between 64g and 82g of carbon dioxide per kilometer which is far from the zero emissions we are led to believe.

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