New lightweight Audi TT ultra quattro concept revealed

Making its official debut at the Worthersee festival next month is the new Audi TT ultra quattro. There has been a special concept of the car recently revealed, and it’s said to be designed to demonstrate its expertise in lightweight materials.

Focus on being lightweight

The concept is based on the TT S, but gains a major 38bhp and sheds a whopping 300kg. This additional 38bhp is from the 2.0 TFSI engine which creates a grand total of 306bhp. As a result, the 0-62mph time drops down from 5.5seconds to 4.2seconds, while the current top speed increases from 155mph to 173mph. Although, this all sounds incredible, looking into this car in-depth would be handy when it comes closer to being released; this will help you work out how much motor insurance and fuel costs will approximately be.

Back in November last year, Audi’s new head of technical developments, Wolfgang Durheimer, stated: “A car in the TT segment weighing 1,000kg would be a very interesting proposition. It would be a derivative of the TT and the challenge is to make it a quattro too – that’s why I’ve asked my engineers.” Clearly, this new concept is the result of that request.

Despite keeping its quattro four-wheel-drive system and also tipping the scales at a massive 1,111kg the ultra-concept slices weight in almost every area. For example, the engine is 25kg lighter, thanks to modifications to the balancer shafts, crankcase and bolts. However, steel suspension springs have also been replaced by fiberglass-reinforced polymer coils weighing 40 per cent less.

Much more than an engineering experiment

Also, thanks to the use of carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) in the centre tunnel, B-pillars and rood, plus magnesium components in the floor and hinge reinforcements. Aluminium calipers, carbon ceramic brake discs and titanium exhaust also do their bit, while CFRP wheels with aluminium spokes weigh just 20kg less than standard alloys.

They’ve also brought in a much smaller lithium-ion battery, which weighs only 4kg, and is built-in right underneath the driver’s seat. In addition, the conventional wing mirrors are replaced by rear facing cameras and interior screens!

According to Audi, this is much more than a mere engineering experiment – it could possibly spawn a low-volume Audi model series in the very near future. It would be the most perfect send-off for the current TT, before a brand spanking new version arrives in 2014.

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