New BMW M6 to Launch


It has been announced that BMW is set to reveal the all new M6 at next month’s Geneva Motor Show and according to the very clever people at BMW, it has been given a “generous dose of M feeling”. This can be roughly translated to mean that the engine is extraordinarily powerful and that there are lashings of M badges on the wheels, grilles and side panels.


The new M6 is also, upon first glance, a pretty stunning looking thing. BMW have re-styled the entire car and it is now, in my opinion, significantly better looking than its predecessor as it comes with some very sleek, new curves and the big rims are, as usual on BMW’s, very smart and stylish. The chunky rear tyres paired with the twin tailpipes will also let everyone behind you know that the new M6 is no slouch!

And slouch is not a word that you would associate with the M6 once you’ve heard what is under the bonnet.

New Power Source

The old V10 has been binned in favour of a smaller, more economical, but ferociously powerful 4.4 litre twin turbocharged V8. The new engine produces a stunning 552bhp, all of which will be sent to the rear wheels in order to create one lively experience! Furthermore, the added bonus of the engine being more economical than its predecessor is that it should hopefully save you money on fuel and motor insurance quotes.

A number of years ago the Formula One circus began using V8 engines instead of V10 engines in order to, not only slow the cars down a bit, but use less fuel and thus run more efficiently. Now it seems that such ideas are being translated to road cars, except instead of the road cars slowing down, they are gaining more power instead!

The added plus of the twin turbo’s is that when the turbo power kicks in, the driver will really feel it! Depending on how they are aligned and set-up, the power will either come in one violent thump when hitting a certain RPM or it will be gently eased in at low revs before delivering added oomph throughout every gear.

Impressive Tech

Speaking of gears, the M6 will be fitted with the very clever seven speed M double clutch system, with the tasty extra of launch control for those fun days out at the track. The new car will reach 62mph in just 4.2 seconds before going on to a top speed of 189mph, provided you take the optional extra of the M Driver’s Package.

It’s not just the engine that is impressive either, as the M6 will come with some great tech, such as lane departure warning (which is fairly self explanatory), surround view, night vision and pedestrian recognition along with internet access.

I was never the biggest fan of the old M6, but this new one looks like a bit of a gem. It’s sure to be a wonderful motorway and city cruiser as well as a menacing challenger on the track! Does M power float your boat?

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