Motoring body warns the stars

The bosses of Formula 1 racing are attempting to extend their power of influence even further, with some controversial ideas that will affect professional drivers when driving on the open road. The results of which could see famous names such as Jensen Button getting a motor insurance quote just like any other member of the public.

Federation Internationale de L’automobile (FIA), the governing body of motor sport, is proposing to change its sporting code in such a way that the rulers of the sport can penalise professional motor sport drivers for motoring offences committed on public roads. It is thought the high profile arrest of Louis Hamilton in Australia earlier this year for a motoring offence could have precipitated the decision.

The proposals will include the requirement of all super licence holders to have a road driving licence and offences on the public highway could result in the loss of the super licence.

A statement issued by the FIA said “Competitors at FIA events must act as ambassadors for the sport, be aware their conduct on the road must be exemplary and respect road safety rules. A proposal to amend the international sporting code will be submitted to the FIA General Assembly to clarify that any holder of an International Super Licence must also be in possession of a current road driving licence. Additionally, the Code will be amended to clarify that if an International Super Licence holder is involved in a serious road traffic offence recognised by a national police authority, the FIA, depending on the severity of the case, may issue a warning or refer the matter to the International Disciplinary Tribunal, which may temporarily or indefinitely withdraw the competitor’s International Super Licence.”



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