Monaco Formula One Grand Prix


Formula One is a great sport and even if you are not an avid follower you will probably recognise the names Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button if they were to come up in conversation. With the Monaco Grand Prix last weekend we thought it was only appropriate to give you an update on what has happened so far.

Monaco is probably the most lavish of the Grand Prix during the season. It is usually a star studded affair with the like of Sir Patrick Stewart making an appearance, but under all the glitz, glamour and money, they are all there for one reason and that is the cars.

This year, Nico Rosberg came in at pole position at Monaco, just beating his team mate Lewis Hamilton who also races for Mercedes. However, this race showed just how big the tension is between the team mates which made it even more exciting! No one really pays attention when they get on well and spend the weekends with each other’s families, but as soon as there is a bit of tension it makes the races that more intense for those of us sitting on our sofas on a Sunday afternoon.

Sunday evening Rosberg seemed pretty happy with upsetting Lewis’ rhythm as he partied the night away in Monaco after the gala dinner, although after the race it appeared that Hamilton was not as happy as his team mate. There were rumours that Nico brought out the yellow flags on purpose although an investigation was launched and this was found not to be true; Lewis’ comments on the situation were not exactly in agreement with the decision and he has said that when he gets to Canada he will be finishing in pole position.

It is not the first time that an incident such as the one that resulted in Nico Rosberg coming under investigation has happened in Formula One. Back in 2006 Michael Schumacher had a very similar incident, again in Monaco, although we would all like to believe that it wasn’t done on purpose. Luckily, accidentally smashing up your vehicle in Formula One doesn’t have the same repercussions as smashing up your family car, especially in terms of car insurance premiums, although Rosberg was lucky enough not to smash up his car by missing the wall. Unfortunately in Formula One when there are two drivers for a team there is always going to be one that ends up with an advantage and this is usually determined in qualifying. The team mate who qualifies ahead of the other is likely to have an advantage when it comes to pit stops and unfortunately for Hamilton, he qualified behind Rosberg.

Hamilton has said that he is going to adopt a similar approach to the sport that Ayrton Senna did, who is Hamilton’s idol. This implies that he is going to do everything he can to ensure that he wins, but for now the relationship between the team mates may be a fractured one. The term “team mate” implies that you are routing for the same team but in a sport like this, you are routing for yourself. This is supported by Hamilton who said, “We are not friends. We are colleagues.”

There are rumours that Jenson Button believes that Hamilton will be able to beat Rosberg at the Canadian Grand Prix. This may be because Hamilton is looking for revenge and will ensure that he comes back stronger than ever for the next pole position. According to Sky Sports Jenson Button has said: “Whether Nico did it on purpose or not, Lewis is going to think that he did and that is the way when you are team mates fighting for a World Championship.

“But you will see a more determined Lewis at the next race. I remember with Lewis that when we had a tussle in a race or there was an issue between us or with the team, he would have a really bad race and be quite outspoken and emotional. And the next race he would destroy me. He would come back stronger than ever.”

No matter what happens there is certainly one more reason to watch the Formula One now.

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