MotorQuoteDirect’s March Roundup of the Motor World


There have been some exciting announcements in the motor industry this month, which is why we have rounded up some of our favourites for our readers. Firstly, the new Range Rover Sport, which is set to be launched in 2015, has been spotted out and about, and there is also news that Dacia is planning on launching a new city car which will cost a tiny £5000, which is great news considering the extra costs that come with running a vehicle such as car insurance. In other news, the Mini Cooper D has been delayed from entering the market to due to a noisier than planned engine.  Here we look at each story in further detail:

Range Rover Sport RS

First up is the new Range Rover: the Sport RS has already been spotted due to its eye-catching blue wrap cladding of what appears to be images of the vehicle in action. It is planned to go on sale in 2015, but will set you back £100,000. The sighting shows that the vehicle has a revamped bumper at the front, quad exhaust pipes and bigger alloys which have a new look and bigger air intakes. It has also been reported that the biggest change in the Sport RS is the engine, which is a supercharged 5.0 litre V8 which provides 542 bhp and has been copied from the Jaguar XKR-S and the XJR.  When combined with a four wheeled drive, the new engine makes the Sport RS significantly quicker than the current range-topping Sports Supercharged as it is capable of reaching 165mph in just 4.8 seconds. Many are anticipating that it will go on sale at the Paris Motor Show in October this year ahead of the official launch in early 2015.

Dacia Plan to Launch £5000 Car

Next up is the launch of a new model from Dacia, who has recently gained the accolade of being the fastest growing brand in the UK ever, as they went from a 0 per cent market share to 1.4 market share in just ten months.  The company are planning on building on this success by launching their cheapest car yet, which is based on the Renault Twingo and will go on the market for £5000. The reason that Dacia can produce their new vehicle at such a cheap rate is because they will actually be using the platform from the Renault Twingo. Renault is planning on launching a new city car in the near future, so from a business point of view for Renault it makes sense to get some money for their old platform. Dacia has used this strategy before with their Sandero which is based on a MKIII Clio platform.

Rafel Treguer, brand manager at Dacia, said that as a brand they will consider any market as long as there is a demand for the product. It looks like there is an increasing demand for smaller, cheaper vehicles as not only is Dacia launching a new city car but so are Vauxhall with their new Aglia and Suzuki with their Celerio City Car. In order to keep costs down, not only are Dacia borrowing a platform from Renault but they will also be using a factory in Russia which has spare capacity to build the vehicles. The new Dacia city car is expected to be released later next year, although there is a catch to the low price: if you are looking for electric windows, central locking, a radio and alloy wheels then you will need to pay extra.

Mini Cooper D

Last but not least in our roundup of the month is the delay in deliveries of the new Mini Cooper D models. The vehicles have already gone on sale and orders have been placed, but Mini has had to delay deliveries due to noise problems that developed in test vehicles. The Cooper D has been fitted with a 1.5 three cylinder diesel engine which is noisier than first expected and unfortunately Mini hasn’t given a time frame as to when they will be delivering the new vehicle, leaving their customers waiting. A spokesman for the company said that there are engineers who are working on the problem and that Mini want to ensure they deliver a product of the highest quality rather than issuing a substandard version which may later have to be recalled. The Mini Cooper D costs £16,450 for the standard version and comes equipped with Bluetooth, air conditioning and radio, although there is a list of extras that can also be purchased.


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