Make your car sound better

Make your car sound better

You know you are getting old when a car goes past your house and the driver has the window down and the boom-boom of music coming from the car has you saying “That’s not music, its just noise”. Chances are the driver is young and also that he/she has added a car amplifier to the music system. You may have seen this done on shows like “Pimp my ride” but it is possible to install a great sound system yourself. Bear in mind that you should inform your insurance company of the changes made to the car. The motor insurance quote you accepted could well be invalidated by not informing them.

For those who have never installed an amplifier before, and that will be most people, don’t be overwhelmed or think of it as too daunting a task to do yourself, it does become very simple once you have grasped the basics of how it is done. Just remember that to hook up an amplifier there are really only three main parts to consider. Firstly, power your amplifier, secondly an input signal for the amplifier is needed and thirdly, the amplifier requires an output signal to the speakers.

Disconnect the negative cable from your battery. It is important to remember that you should never work on any of the electrical systems of the car without doing this first. Now fit a wire that goes from the battery of the car to the boot, which is where the amplifier will be put. The wire will need to go both under the carpet and the seat on the passenger side. Once the wire is in place, and it can be a tricky manoeuvre, the car amplifier can be connected.  Another wire is needed for the next step, which is to connect the remote to the head unit. This time the wire will run along the driver’s side to the trunk. The final part of the jigsaw is to install the speakers. If you are installing an amplifier it is more than likely that new bigger speakers will be required to handle the new sound. Speak to a professional who can tell you what size speakers you will need. To ground the amplifier, it is best to use a metal screw to secure it in the boot.

A car amplifier should last a good length of time and is a great way to produce the sound you are after. Make sure it is secured correctly, otherwise it will move when going over a bump, pothole or speed-bump, and if it moves it will disrupt the quality of the sound. A few simple tips for taking care of the amplifier include; do not place any heavy items on top of it and keep it as dust free as possible. Also remember, if you have any driver car insurance, to tell the other driver about the new system, that way they do not get a shock when they switch on the sound.




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