Jaguar F-Type


Even those who aren’t car enthusiasts have heard of the E-type created by Jaguar 50 years ago. Well now they have followed this up with the F-type.

Since the E-type, restrictions have been implemented such as fuel efficiency and the crash standards have changed which meant that making the next generation was going to be a difficult challenge. However they have achieved it with their new roadster with strong lines which is enhanced with the lack of visible door handles. In order to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle the door handles operate on a sensor system. Also a spoiler pops out of the boot when the vehicle reaches 60mph.

What we were expecting

Back in 2011 at the Frankfurt motor show we were shown the C-X16 concept car which resembled the XK. The F-type compared with this vehicle actually has a 5.1 inch shorter wheelbase and is 12.7 inches shorter overall. For those of us you are thinking about the environment the aluminum chassis is made up of around 50 percent recycled material which is in line with Jaguar/Land Rovers commitment to waste reduction.

The Engine

The F-type is available with three different trims and of course with different engine sizes. There are two V6 engines which are both supercharged with 340 hp in the base version and in the S there is 380 hp. The V8 option has 480hp which sends the F-type from 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds.

The Interior

The interior of the car is as luxurious as you would expect but not too over the top. It has leather surfaces with silver trimming which enhances the sportier feel. In the centre there is a large touch screen along with climate control. If you ask anyone what their favourite feature is on the F-type it is no doubt going to be the exhaust. One of the downsides however, is probably the steering especially on the more difficult roads.

It is nearly impossible to compare it to other vehicles due to its price range and the size of the engine. According to Jaguar is a rival to the Porsche 911 however, this spot has really been taken by the XK. A more realistic comparison would be the boxster although as stressed by Jaguar it is a different type of sports car.

According to Jaguar the pre-orders of the vehicle are split at around 50% of those wanting the V8 S in America (the largest car market). The V8 is actually priced at over $92000 which is actually out of 99% of the populations price range without including the cost of fuel and motor insurance!

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