Introducing the Friday Five


This week, for the very first time, we’re launching our Friday Five. This is an interactive feature that you can get involved in at your leisure.

Every week we shall be running a Friday Five we’ll pick a category and list our favourite five cars within the category. So, for example, this week we’ve been thinking about our top five superhero cars. So, for this week’s Friday Five we’ll be launching a blog post listing our five favourite superhero cars, funnily enough, on Friday!

Have Your Say

Throughout the week, in the build up to every Friday Five, we’ll Tweet about the Friday Five category in order to gather ideas from all you lovely Twitter users. Once we have gathered a list, we’ll narrow it down to our favourite five in order to form the Friday Five – so by following us on Twitter (@MotorMouthBlog) you’ll be able to have your say on what your favourite is and even what categories we should think about each week.

Agree or Disagree

Once we’ve chosen our Friday Five and launched a blog post detailing each of the five we love the most, you’ll be able to tell us whether you agree or disagree. You can even submit your very own Friday Five by leaving us a comment below each blog.

This week we’re beginning with superhero cars, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and look out for our Friday Five on, believe it or not, Friday! Come and join in the fun because here at MotorQuoteDirect we’re more than just car insurance providers – we also love a good top five!

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