How much is your driving licence worth?

How much is your driving licence worth?

Well to the majority of the citizens of the United Kingdom it is hard to imagine life without it. First and foremost it enables us to live the life we do at a pace that would be impossible without the use of the family car, even non drivers such as children and senior citizens rely on a family member to be available with a car for a great many things, the school run, trips to the doctors or perhaps trips to the supermarket. Then of course there is work, how many people could do the jobs they are employed for without having their own transport? It must run into millions. For these people any sort of driving ban would probably mean they lose their livelihood.

Although some motorists find they lose their licence due to illnesses that make driving unsafe, the great majority of drivers losing their licence fall foul of traffic regulations that incur points or fines, and with the smallest point penalty tariff being 3 points, it does not take long to reach the 12 point target that incurs a driving ban.

It is now possible to buy insurance cover that will provide the ordinary motorist with a team of top lawyers that only the rich and famous can usually afford to represent them when contesting motoring offences. One company offering this service is Motoring First who has launched an insurance product named Licence Shield. They claim that for as little as £29.99 a year they will insure your driving licence and provide top lawyers to fight your case in court with only a £50 excess charge to cover legal costs.

Where motorists feel they have been unjustly charged with minor motoring offences such as speeding, driving without due care and attention and failing to comply with road signs, the company claim that over 80% of the cases they take on don’t even go to court and of those that do, they have a 94% success rate in defending a not guilty verdict.

The savings to motorists can be spectacular. Apart from those who would not be able to do their job without a driving licence, the average fine for a minor motoring offence is estimated at over £300 and as any motorist who has got points on their licence knows, the price of a motor insurance quote goes up considerably.

The company insist the policy cover is not aimed at lawbreakers but at honest motorists who feel they have been unjustly treated when charged with a minor motoring offence



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