Going Green


A very hot topic at the moment is eco friendly cars due to the fact that more and more people are looking to save money and help the planet at the same time. In the next few months politicians from the EU will be making decisions which could affect every new car made, which means electric vehicles are definitely one to watch.

There are some great reasons for having greener cars which includes preventing global warming, cutting emissions and saving money, each of which we look at more in depth here:

Global Warming and The Arctic

The Arctic is a target for large companies drilling for oil, which not only damages ice sheets but also creates even more climate change in the area. Both of these can be stopped by changing the way we need and use fuels. Less fuel means less emissions and the need for the oil to be extracted is decreased. So electric cars are a great way to save the planet!


It is predicted that CO2 emissions could be cut by 50% by 2025 which will be considerably innovative for the market. This will mean that the Chinese and US markets will have to keep up with this innovation in order to remain competitive in the car manufacturing industries.  As many of us are conscious of saving money and reducing harmful emissions both countries should find even more demand for new technology in the future, showing the car market will be remarkably different in less than 20 years’ time!

Saving Money

By making cars more economically efficient it means that drivers could potentially save £400 a year on fuel, which is 25% of a person’s average consumption. This is great news for drivers especially when times are a little tough. It may also mean that motor insurance policies become cheaper too.

Of course there will be downsides to having a completely eco-friendly vehicle, but even these will not be enough to stop the upcoming changes to the car manufacturing sector and the way we operate our vehicles in the future.

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