Ford – Buying experience

Earlier this year I decided to treat the wife to a new car, she had been moaning about the ever increasing bills that her KA was burdening the family budget with, and reasoned that with the scrappage scheme drawing to a close we were missing out on an opportunity to trade old for new at a reasonable cost. Needless to say I eventually caved in and off we toddled to a Ford showroom. It didn’t quite turn out to be a case of haggling over the price of the car for half an hour and getting a motor insurance quote. Far from it.

She knew what she wanted, someone at work had recently bought a new Ford Fiesta and that was the car for her. It wasn’t quite that simple. The choices and price range on Fiesta models are mind boggling!

First of all we start with seven different Ford models, the Studio, the Edge, the Zetec (the only one I had heard of), the ECOnetic, the Titanium, the Zetec S, and of course the sporty number, in this case the S1600. We were now of course, figuratively speaking, in the land of the dress shop, so much to try and in this case so many colours to choose from, and as always with my particular model, pricing the purchase was not yet something to worry about!

Back to the trying on department; the colour schemes added up to ten, Frozen white, Colorado red, Panther black, Ink blue, Moondust silver and Sea grey were accompanied by (can you believe it) Squeeze, Vision, Morello, and Hot Magenta. I was more than a little surprised that the S1600 wasn’t available in Hot Magenta but there you go, you can’t have everything.

Air conditioning was a priority so that left out the Studio, which was the cheapest option, starting at £11,645, so only six to go and now was the time to compare prices. The Fiesta Edge was the cheapest model with air conditioning as standard, this came in at around £12,300, the top of the range S1600 being well over £4000 more at approximately £16,500.

At this point common sense kicked in. It was observed that if we bought one of the cheaper models then we would have saved enough money to book a holiday without really having had to save for it at all!

Three weeks later we had a very nice Ford Fiesta Edge on the drive with a colour that went very well with the weather, Frozen White.



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