Ferrari unveil their latest luxury supercar


Ferrari’s latest supercar has been shrouded in secrecy for quite some time now, so when it was finally revealed at the 83rd International Motor Show in Geneva this week there was more than a hint of excitement amongst the motoring fraternity.

Distinctive features

LaFerrari, the natural successor to the Enzo supercar, has a host of unique features, the most unconventional of all being that it has no traditional seating. Instead the vehicle’s seating positions are moulded into the carbon-fibre frame, with the both steering wheel and pedals adjusting to the driver.

The other significant revelation is that the vehicle is a hybrid, meaning potential insurance policies will differ from traditional car insurance.

With hybrid cars becoming increasingly popular in recent years, the Maranello based manufacturer say LaFerrari is both eco-friendly and supremely efficient at low speeds, receiving 161 of its 950 horsepower from the electric motor arrangement mounted at the rear on its automated transaxle. Working in conjunction with a 6.3 litre gasoline burning V-12 engine, the vehicle generates in excess of 660 pounds of torque

The curb weight of LaFerrari is also significantly lighter than Ferrari’s flagship model, the F12. The lighter weight dramatically increases the vehicle’s speed, with a Ferrari spokesperson remarking that the car was over 3 seconds faster than the F12 around the company’s test track in Fiorano, Italy.

Whilst exact vehicle specifications have yet to be announced by Ferrari, acceleration to 0-60mph clocks in at under three seconds, with the car achieving 124 m.p.h in under seven seconds. The company have also said top speed reaches 230 m.p.h.

Best in class performance

Likely to be pitted head to head with McLaren’s recently introduced P1 supercar, naturally Ferrari is full of praise for the new car, promising “best in class performance” on both the read and racetrack with “absolute capability without any form of compromise in any area”.

Such performance however comes at the cost. With speculation mounting that the car will retail for a princely sum of around $1 million, Ferrari say they will be producing less than 500 units, meaning availability will also be strictly limited with most of the initial run already spoken for.

So whilst we would all like to get behind the wheel of one of these beauties, unfortunately owning the latest supercar off the “Il Commendatore” production line will be a pipe-dream for all but the rich and famous.

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