Fancy a New Mercedes-Benz Roadster?


The new SL500 has recently been launched by Mercedes-Benz and it looks like a very tasty treat indeed with a big V8 powerplant under the bonnet along with numerous other perks. It does cost £83,000 however…


The SL500 features a folding hard top roof that can go up or down in just 20 seconds. This allows for the car to work as either a coupé or a convertible – the choice is yours. The SL500 will therefore be the perfect luxury cruiser for all times of the year and it looks fantastic with the roof up, but even better with it down! And to ensure drivers can motor around with the roof down for as long into the year as possible, there is a nifty neck warmer that can be switched on in order to encourage owners to leave the roof down.

As aforementioned, there is a big V8 under the bonnet and all 4.7 litre’s, coupled with twin turbocharger’s of course, will be needed to propel the heavy Merc to 60mph, from a standstill, in a respectable 4.7 seconds. The car is very quick then, and so it should be with 429bhp under the driver’s right foot.

In addition, the SL500 is very economical thanks to the fact that it is 140kg lighter than its predecessor; this certainly makes a noticeable difference to the fuel economy figures! So, money should be saved on petrol, which will certainly be helpful when it comes to paying for a motor insurance quote.

Sixth Generation

The latest SL is the sixth generation of the popular family line that begun in a post-World War era back in the 1950s. The SL managed to establish itself as a top seller thanks to the booming American market in the 50s. The SL has undergone multiple revisions in order to keep up with consumer demand through the ages, whilst the latest offering features an aluminium body, which is also one of the reasons why it is so light.

The SL500 is one step down from the monstrous, beastly SL 63 AMG, and it is a great alternative to the AMG if you are looking for a top end sports roadster with a few tricks up its sleeve!

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