Evo’s 20th Birthday


Can you believe it’s April already? Just where does the time go? Mitsubishi might be asking themselves that very question this month as the Mitsubishi Evo turns 20! All ten of the models that have been released in this time have all blown petrol heads socks off! The very first Evo packed around 250bhp and would hit 142mph as a result of the peachy turbocharged engine. The consequent nine models that followed were all designed in pretty much the same vein.

The One I Love

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Mitsubishi Evo I thought I’d discuss my very favourite of the lot, the Evolution VI. It was first released in 1999 and came with a number of improvements over previous models. The main focus of the changes were on improving cooling and engine durability, therefore Mitsubishi gave it a larger intercooler, a larger oil cooler and some new pistons along with a titanium-aluminium turbine wheel for the RS version of the car. This was an innovative step as it was the first for a production car.

Special Edition

In addition, a Tommi Makinen Edition was released to celebrate the Finnish rally driver that had won the World Rally Championship four times for Mitsubishi. The Tommi Makinen Edition was, in my book, the ultimate Evo. It came with 17 inch Enkei rims, a titanium turbine that spooled up quicker to give added oomph, a lower ride height and a quicker steering ratio. It was practically a rally car for the road and thus one that you could get a motor insurance quote for and boy oh boy was it quick through the bends!!

It also, thanks to the added detailing, looked fantastic. An Evolution VI Tommi Makinen Edition in decent condition these days, second hand, will set you back between £7,000 and £10,000, which if you’re looking for a relatively cheap performance car is quite unbelievable value to be honest.

Last of a Rare Breed

The Evolution VI was the last of the 90s models and the last one before the Evo became, frankly, a bit soft. Whilst the Evolution VII may indeed have seen yet more mechanical progression, it was no match for the VI in terms of styling and having written this very blog, a Tommi Makinen Edition Evolution VI could well become my very next car. I was a fan before writing this article, but now I WANT one.

Who else loves a good Evo?

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