Do we need more than just a car?


A recent study has been conducted into what technology advances more motorists would like to see in their cars. Although there are a huge amount of options that now can bee added into a car, it seems the consumer is after more.

Digital Lifestyles

The study showed that not only do the vehicles have to become “smart” they also now need to fit in with the digital lifestyles of those purchasing the vehicles. However, as with any extra’s that come with the vehicles, the insurance provider must ne notified so it can be included in your motor insurance policy. This will ensure that if anything was to happen to your state of the art vehicle, everything is covered.

What we want

Gregg Garret is the CEO of CGS Advisors and he has said, “The automotive industry is reaching a ‘tipping point of demand’ for user-centric connected vehicle services delivered via the cloud. Expectations are increasingly being shaped by the connected environment outside of the vehicle, and this fundamental shift is making it ‘change or die’ time for some OEMs. One facet of success likely will hinge upon how well automakers integrate their services into vehicles, across their brand and ultimately into their consumers’ connected lives.”

The research has also revealed the motorists are very positive about the technology that will be seen within cars in the future. Although the style, powertrains, performance and value are still very important features of a car, the report uncovered the fact that the driver wants more; they want the digital change to now be incorporated into their vehicle. This is another think that the Original Equipment Manufacturers now have to think about on top of the other factors.

It has been suggested that very soon manufacturers will need to be offering something that means that drivers will be able to access the internet and mobile devices within their cars whilst making sure it can be done so safely and of course legally. This has been suggested as a result of the way that the consumer is behaving and will eventually require this function.

The Future

One of the key points of the report was that connectivity would inevitably become a huge factor when the consumer is deciding on which vehicle to purchase rather than an additional option that may or may not be pursued.

According to the report, there are three top things that the consumer already looks out for when purchasing a new car. These include: being able to access maps and traffic information, that all the software that is in the car can be updated automatically, and that information can be transferred easily from device to vehicle and vice versa easily.



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