Crash, Smash, Out


This weekend saw the return of Formula 1 racing after the summer break. It was held in Belgium at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, a huge favourite with racing drivers and spectators alike. It was a great win from Jenson Button from pole position.

However it was a different story for Lewis Hamilton. He was knocked off the track spectacularly by Romain Grosjean who also took Fernando Alonso out of the race too. A drama packed race for the first one back after the break!


Jenson Button started on the road to victory with his first ever pole position for McLaren since he joined the team three years ago. He managed just one pit stop and finished 13.6 seconds ahead of last year’s winner at Spa, Sebastian Vettel. He also won from pole.

Kimi Raikkonen took third place for Lotus which makes it his fourth podium in just five races. This is pretty impressive for his comeback year in the sport.


Alonso on the other hand, had his race stopped when Grosjean’s Lotus barely missed his head after it bumped in to Hamilton, and flew over his head. As a result of this crash, Romain Grosjean has now got a one-race ban. This means he will miss next week’s Grand Prix in Monza, Italy.

From the learning curves that come with safety in the Formula 1 world, this has trickled down to our very own safety in our cars. It is accidents like this, where people escape by the skin of their teeth, which show just how important the safety measures are, both in Formula 1 and in everyday cars.

Here at MQD safety is top of our list, as well as car insurance too! So make sure when you are out in your car, you take all the precautions you can and drive safer than the pro’s!

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