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Celebrities Cars – We are all very much aware of the celebrity culture that has developed recently and which many love to follow. With this kind of fame comes money, and what is the point in having lots of money if you can’t spend it on lavish cars? We all hear about what the celebrities do on a day to day basis and what houses they own as well as the vehicles they drive, but we rarely hear about the vehicles that they started off in before they were famous. Here at MotorQuoteDirect we have dug deep into the past of some celebrities and uncovered some of their first cars before they were spoilt for choice between Bentley’s and Rolls Royce’s and when they only had the options of Fords and Dodges.

Chevy Nova

First on our list of rags to riches vehicles is Johnny Depp and his Chevy Nova. Before he starred in the movie 21 Jump Street Johnny Depp actually travelled to Hollywood in his Chevy Nova. It was even reported that he had to live in the car when he was struggling to break through in the business. Now he owns a 1959 Corvette Roadster which is the same one that was seen in his movie “The Rum Diary”, however we are pretty sure he doesn’t have to take refuge in this vehicle anymore.

Buick Centurion

Before he was one half of “Brangelina” Brad Pitt’s first car was a 455 Buick Centurion which actually belonged to his parents. Since then, he has made many blockbuster movies which means more money and therefore more luxurious cars of his own. Brad has been spotted driving a Jeep Cherokee, Lexus LS460, Audi Q7, BMW Hydrogen 7, a custom chopper and a Chevy Camaro SS.

Ford XB Falcon

When he was 15, Eric Bana bought his first car for just $1,100, and to this day he still owns it. Although this is no longer his daily run around the car is practically famous itself. This is because Eric directed a documentary of his life with the car in 2009 which was called ‘Love the Beast’. The car is a 1974 Ford XB Falcon and he now races it. The movie became the second largest grossing documentary in Australian history.

Ford Explorer

Mila Kunis started her career in ‘That 70’s show’ and ‘Family Guy’ however the Ukrainian beauty hasn’t always been living the high life she is accustom to now, although she did start off better than some of the other stars that are in our list. At 16 her parents bought her a Ford Explorer and it seems her love for SUV’s hasn’t stopped there. She has since been spotted in her Range Rover Overfinch as well as a Lexus SC 430 hardtop convertible.

65 Mustang

Last on our list is Jeremy Piven who is most famed for his performance as Ari Gold who of course had the finest clothes, ate in the finest restaurants and had the finest cars, although life didn’t start quite like that for Jeremy. His very first car was a 65 Mustang which his friend actually sold while Piven was out of the country and studying abroad. According to the friend the reason for selling his car while he wasn’t even in the country was because he couldn’t take the moving violations he would receive while driving the vehicle. It is reported that Jeremy is still a huge fan of classic cars and his collection and most recent purchase is a revamped 1977 Ford Bronco.

Of course these celebrities still have to pay for the entire extra’s that go with these expensive vehicles. They probably struggled just like we did in our early days of driving to scrape together enough money for fuel, repairs, services and motor insurance policies.

Although, there are the stars that become famous before they can drive and their first cars tend to be cars that some of us can only dream of later on in life. Justin Bieber is a prime example of this and not only was his first car a Range Rover; it was a gift from another celebrity. Since then he has added many cars to his collection which now includes: two Audi R8’s, a Fisker Karma, another Range Rover, a Porsche 997 Turbo, Lamborghini Aventador, a couple of Ferrari’s and a Cadillac CTSV; Quite the collection for a 19 year old.

We would love to know what your first car was and any funny stories that accompany them. Please leave a comment below or visit our social media pages: www.facebook.com/motorquotedirect, @MotorMouthBlog. We look forward to reading about your first cars!




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