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Best Vehicles for Winter Driving

Are you looking to treat yourself to a new car this Christmas? If so we have put together a list of vehicles that are perfect for winter. Four wheel drives are obviously better for winter than two wheel drives as they have more grip on the roads and four wheel drives are a lot more economical than they used to be.
There are a range of four wheel drives that feel very similar to driving a two wheel drive but in snowy or icy conditions you are […]

Road Safety Tips this Winter

Winter is definitely here and with Christmas only five weeks away (yes we said it!) it is important that you take safety on the roads very seriously as they become more dangerous at this time of year.
Breakdowns are extremely common over Christmas; just as you want an extra five minutes in bed on a cold morning it seems our vehicles react in the same way! So below are some top tips to ensure that you don’t break down over Christmas:

Choosing Your Perfect Car

Those of you, like myself, that are big petrol heads all dream of one day owning our perfect car. Whether you want extreme thrills and speed, or optimum comfort and luxury, the chances are it will be very expensive and will probably be a little out of your current price range. Nevertheless it’s fun to dream! However, this blog isn’t about our “dream cars”, it’s about the “perfect car” for you right now.
My Perfect Car
Right now the perfect car for me is something small and […]