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Jaguar F-Type

Even those who aren’t car enthusiasts have heard of the E-type created by Jaguar 50 years ago. Well now they have followed this up with the F-type.
Since the E-type, restrictions have been implemented such as fuel efficiency and the crash standards have changed which meant that making the next generation was going to be a difficult challenge. However they have achieved it with their new roadster with strong lines which is enhanced with the lack of visible door handles. In order to improve the aerodynamics […]

Are Electric Vehicles as Environmentally Friendly as we Thought?

We all know that electric vehicles are the way the government wants us to go. They are considered as environmentally friendly because obviously they don’t use fuel. However, a study that was recently conducted by a scientist in Norway has revealed that some electric cars are actually having a greater impact on global warming compared to conventional cars. This is surprising considering most of us by electric cars in order to help the issue of global warming and save money in the long run. For […]

New Range Rover Sport Unveiled

The brand new Range Rover Sport was unveiled on the eve of the New York Motor Show by none other than the James Bond actor Daniel Craig.

Going Green

A very hot topic at the moment is eco friendly cars due to the fact that more and more people are looking to save money and help the planet at the same time. In the next few months politicians from the EU will be making decisions which could affect every new car made, which means electric vehicles are definitely one to watch.

The Geneva Motor Show 2013

When we think of the Geneva Motor Show we think of fast and luxurious cars, and this year was no exception! It was once said by German car specialist Stefan Bratzel: “In super luxury there is still a tendency to try to read new speed records,” and from what we’ve seen this year this saying still rings true.  The amount of horse power each vehicle has is still one of the most important things to visitors of this years’ motor show, which we know can […]

Five Best-Selling cars of January 2013

The figures are in from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders on the best-selling cars of January 2013, and the good news is that car sales for 2013 are already on the up!

Friday 5: Most popular cars by sales worldwide

Here we take a look at the most popular cars sold worldwide by sales. Many consider the Beetle to be the best-selling car of all time, however this outdated view doesn’t take into account the change in models of other manufacturers.

A guide to making a claim on your insurance

It is something that we all hope we never have to do, but throughout the course of your driving life it is plausible that you may be part of an accident where you have to place a claim on your insurance. Below is described the steps you need to take in the event of an accident to best ensure that you get the maximum compensation possible out of your car insurance.

Bad Weather Causes Chaos on UK Roads

This past weekend we were witness to some very heavy snow, and in many parts of the UK it will take a while for the snow and ice to thaw, so please, everyone be careful, especially on those quiet side streets as they can be the worst for unseen black ice!
Damage Done
This weekend as I struggled down the sleepy side roads I live down, the damage caused to a number of cars was evident and before I had even emerged onto any reasonably busy roads […]

New Year, New Reforms on Disabled Parking

It may not be a major headline or issue in the news but Disabled Parking fraud costs the government a staggering £46 million each year, through forgery and theft, and so now they have decided to crack down on this crime and staring on the 1st of January new Blue Badge parking permits will be brought in.
New Blue Badges
The new permits will replace the current handwritten ones and will be electronically printed, in a similar fashion to driving licences, making them almost impossible to forge. […]