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Getting Ready for Summer

With the summer months hopefully on the way very shortly it is important that the air conditioning systems in our cars are working properly. Having said this though the general feeling among motorists is that the air conditioning uses more fuel and especially now times are difficult for many and the cost of fuel is increasing, there isn’t any to be wasted. Of course this is true but only up until 40 miles per hours. When the vehicle reaches this speed it actually uses more […]

Choosing Your Perfect Car

Those of you, like myself, that are big petrol heads all dream of one day owning our perfect car. Whether you want extreme thrills and speed, or optimum comfort and luxury, the chances are it will be very expensive and will probably be a little out of your current price range. Nevertheless it’s fun to dream! However, this blog isn’t about our “dream cars”, it’s about the “perfect car” for you right now.
My Perfect Car
Right now the perfect car for me is something small and […]