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New Plans for Tough Treatment for Bad Drivers

Bad drivers habits – Yesterday we discussed in the news the more severe punishments that are going to be imposed for drivers. Below we have written the top three things and what you can do to stop being caught out.
The top three irritating habits of drivers on the road are undoubtedly illegal mobile phone use, middle-lane hogging and tailgating. However long you’ve been driving, you’ll have certainly come across one of these! Though all of these bad habits are most definitely illegal, until recently they […]

The Friday Five – Movie Getaway Cars

Let’s just make this clear, this week’s Friday Five is about the car rather than the film it featured in. Our five favourite getaway cars are therefore ordered not in terms of how great the film was, but how great we think the car was in the film and the role the car played. So, with no further ado, here’s out Friday Five:
5. The BMW 7 Series in The Transporter

The BMW 7 series used […]

Holiday Hire Car

If you’re anything like me, when you go on holiday you’ll want to explore the towns and cities near to where you’re staying and to do so you’ll require a hire car. Whether you decide to book the hire car in advance or whether you simply pick one up at the local car rental place near to where you’re staying, renting a hire car can be an interesting experience, as I found out last week.
Make and Model
Having pre-booked with Europcar, one of the most reputable […]

Choosing Your Perfect Car

Those of you, like myself, that are big petrol heads all dream of one day owning our perfect car. Whether you want extreme thrills and speed, or optimum comfort and luxury, the chances are it will be very expensive and will probably be a little out of your current price range. Nevertheless it’s fun to dream! However, this blog isn’t about our “dream cars”, it’s about the “perfect car” for you right now.
My Perfect Car
Right now the perfect car for me is something small and […]