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Group B is Back

It’s been announced that, quite incredibly, the Group B rally cars that were banned in the 80s for being “too fast” and “too dangerous” are going to make an astonishing come back. The icons from the 80s are set to return during the weekend of 25-26 August for a new UK based event that will take place in Cheshire and North Staffordshire.
Legends and Tragedy
The event has already had more than 60 entries and is shaping up to be a fantastic weekend of old school rallying […]

And it’s GO GO GO…

The Formula 1 season is now underway, however, FP1 and FP2 haven’t revealed much we didn’t already know; the Mercedes looks much improved and the McLaren’s are strong once again. The real test, however, comes in qualifying tomorrow!
Anyway, back to our icons. Today, I’ve picked the Brawn BGP 001, to give it its official name. This is probably quite a surprising choice to many of you, however, when you consider the statistics, that car can only ever go down in the history books as a […]

The Ferrari F1-2000

We’re half way through the week, and the F1 season is edging ever nearer, so to continue our theme of Formula 1 icons, today I’ve selected the first of the Ferrari’s that Michael Schumacher steered to championship glory in the year 2000. It was the turn of a millennium and a vital shift in power in Formula 1.
The Beginning of Dominance
Previous championship glories had been largely dominated by Williams and McLaren – since the year 1980 they had won 16 titles between them whilst Ferrari […]

Iconic Formula 1 Cars

The MotorMouthBlog is a place for us all at MotorQuoteDirect to voice our opinions about all things motoring and motorsport, and as the Formula 1 season begins this weekend, I thought it was only appropriate this week to dedicate the blog to some of my all time favourite F1 icons.
Senna’s 1st Win
Last week I spoke of my admiration for the 1996 Ferrari F310 and the Williams-Renault from the same year, so those two famed F1 cars are out of contention for this week’s articles. So, […]

Formula 1 Pre-Season Testing

The Formula 1 season is fast approaching and, provided you follow us on Twitter, you’ll be fully aware that I’m quite F1 obsessed. It was my childhood dream, like many people I’m sure, to become an F1 driver, however the closest I get to such feats is a casual bit of go-karting.
The pre-season test sessions are in full swing and at the moment it’s difficult to judge the relative performance of all the different manufacturers.
Newly named Lotus F1 stormed out of the blocks with their […]