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Beijing Motor Show 2014

We hope that you are all as excited as we are about this year’s Beijing Motor Show! It is currently running at the Beijing China International Exhibition Centre and kicked off yesterday. We weren’t lucky enough to go ourselves, but if you are there please tweet us your photos or share them with us on our Facebook page as we would love to see them!
There have been some exciting concept cars revealed already, so we are going to give you a quick rundown of what has […]

Nurburgring to go Bankrupt

The legendary Nurburgring has suggested that it is about to go bankrupt, much to the dismay of many motoring and motorsport enthusiasts around the world.
The Nurburgring, situated around the village and medieval castle of Nurburg, up in the Eifel Mountains in Germany, is a 14 mile public circuit that has been famed for generations and has also been known as the “Green Hell” back in its heyday when the German Grand Prix was held around the Nordschleife (the old Northern Loop track).
The Nurburgring has been […]

The Friday Five – Superhero Cars

Welcome to our first Friday Five feature. This is where we rank our favourite five cars within a given category. This week it’s Superhero Cars! Now, of course, one may struggle to get motor insurance on such cars, however the point of these features is to have some fun and let you guys tell us what you think the top five should be! So, please have a look through the pictures and let us know how you’d rank your five favourite superhero cars by leaving […]