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The Alpine Name is Back

Renault are set to unveil a new mid-engined sports car concept at this weekend’s Monaco GP. And, they’ve already suggested that it will be available for a motor insurance quote as it should make production, hopefully…
The A110-50 concept is Renault’s tribute and celebration of the classic Alpine A110. It celebrates 50 years since the introduction of the A110 which has become an iconic Renault-engined sports car from the 60s and 70s. The Alpine A110 also won the World Rally Championship in 1973, no easy task […]

The Sebastian Vettel Infiniti FX

Double F1 World Champion, Sebastian Vettel, has assisted one of Red Bull F1’s leading sponsors, Infiniti, in developing their latest creation: the Infiniti FX. And at first glance, the FX looks absolutely awesome. Even if you are not a fan of SUV’s, or even cars, it’s easy to appreciate that the FX is a good looking car. It looks like a bigger version of a hatch back, doesn’t it?
What’s it Like?
The new FX is also packed with precisely what you’d expect a car that’s been […]

An Automotive Love Affair

How much do you love your car? Here on the MotorMouthBlog you may have noticed that we adore all things automotive, however, it seems we’re not the only ones as our fantastic infographic below demonstrates:
Did you know that 60% of women feel emotionally attached to their precious wheels? Whilst 24% of British men value their car above their family pets (something my girlfriend did not take well when I agreed!) Such statistics simply make a motor insurance quote all the more important in this day […]

We Do Love Our Classics

Continuing with our appreciation of classic cars this week, I’ve decided to look at another classic icon – believe it or not, it’s another Chevy! This time it’s the Camaro Z/28 from the late 60s. This is the rarest of the Camaro’s and by far the best looking and most exciting. Essentially it was intended to be a near-ready race car for the road! So that instantly tells you that it was fast, and loud!
Power and Performance
It was indeed both these things thanks to its […]

Evo’s 20th Birthday

Can you believe it’s April already? Just where does the time go? Mitsubishi might be asking themselves that very question this month as the Mitsubishi Evo turns 20! All ten of the models that have been released in this time have all blown petrol heads socks off! The very first Evo packed around 250bhp and would hit 142mph as a result of the peachy turbocharged engine. The consequent nine models that followed were all designed in pretty much the same vein.
The One I Love
To mark […]

Are you panic buying?

Fuel has been all over our headlines in recent weeks due to the fact that fuel prices are set to increase in August, and fuel is again in our headlines this week due to the planned strike by tanker drivers over their pay and conditions.
It seems there is no respite for motorists at the moment as an increased number of people have been panic buying at the pumps due to the threat of the strike over Easter weekend.
So, what if the strike does happen?
If the […]

Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show 2012 is in full swing this week. It’s the first big motor show of the year and so the first chance for this year’s big names to show off their latest models and concepts. The most exciting of the new cars to be displayed at this year’s show has to be the new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
It’s the new flagship model that will replace the 599 and come packed with a gigantic 730bhp from the whopping V12 powerplant. This is […]

Formula 1 Pre-Season Testing

The Formula 1 season is fast approaching and, provided you follow us on Twitter, you’ll be fully aware that I’m quite F1 obsessed. It was my childhood dream, like many people I’m sure, to become an F1 driver, however the closest I get to such feats is a casual bit of go-karting.
The pre-season test sessions are in full swing and at the moment it’s difficult to judge the relative performance of all the different manufacturers.
Newly named Lotus F1 stormed out of the blocks with their […]

Mercedes Reveal Performance Duo

Yesterday’s Formula 1 test in Barcelona was also the scene of the unveiling of a very important new Mercedes performance car: the SL63 AMG. And the reason why I state that it is a car of some importance is because it is, quite simply, a sledgehammer of a machine!
Will they be able to keep up?
The new SL63 AMG will be available to buy in the UK this summer and it was revealed before a frenzy of excited press representatives in the Barcelona pit lane alongside […]

My Favourite Car of All Time

To keep in tune with the MotorMouthBlog competition we are running this week and into next week, today I am blogging about MY favourite car of all time. Now this, for me, is a tough one. As a pure petrol head it’s difficult to choose one favourite out of so many cars I have loved and admired over the years.
So Many To Choose From
Be it from simple and elegant cars like the Aston Martin DB5 (surely a classic, British favourite that one) to thoroughbred powerhouses […]