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Chelsea AutoLegends

Last Sunday saw the area of Chelsea play host to some of the finest cars on the planet as the Chelsea AutoLegends show took part. It was a fantastic day out and one we were pleased to attend! This was only the third year of the event and it was the biggest and best so far with thousands in attendance from all over the country as well as a number of local attendees.

The Moscow International Motor Show

The Moscow International Motor Show has kicked off this week, running from the 27th August until the 30th August. The event is one of the biggest of the year, however, for the European market, this can be seen as a warm up event for the Paris Motor Show next month.
Nevertheless, some great cars are on display in Moscow this week with many new cars and concepts being unveiled.

New Nissan Z Model in the Pipeline

Nissan has announced plans for their next Nissan Z model car. This will be the successor to the 350Z and 370Z and Shiro Nakamura, the design boss, has suggested that he wants the new Z car to appeal to a wider range of buyers. He has also indicated that it will be lighter and leaner than the previous 370Z.
Mr Nakamura has stated that the replacement for the 370Z is “at an early stage” and that there is “a concept car to come”.
Z Performance
The new Z […]

The Friday Five – Aston Martin

This year it really feels like the pride in being British is truly back! What with so much happening in this country this year we thought we’d take the opportunity to celebrate one of the greatest British names of all time – Aston Martin.
So, this week’s Friday Five is all about the greatest Aston Martin’s of all time. Only a small percentage of the great British public will ever have been able to get a motor insurance quote on such legendary cars due to their […]

Ford To Release New Focus ST

A new Ford Focus ST is going to be hitting our roads later this year with the entry level model costing around £21,995. The new ST is set to build on a great line of Focus ST models that have rejuvenated Ford’s offering of hatchbacks in recent years. The new ST is set to be the best yet!
Enough Oomph!
Under the bonnet lies a four cylinder, 2.0 litre, Ecoboost engine with a turbocharger that offers 247bhp whilst also achieving a great fuel economy of 39mpg. The […]

2012 Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed took place at the weekend and it was yet another epic event. It was the 20th annual Festival of Speed with the first one having taken place in 1993. 20 Festival’s later and this year’s event was the biggest and best of all time.
Flocking to the Festival
We were lucky enough to have tickets for the Sunday show and it was an unforgettable day out. Although, if you’re planning on attending the Festival of Speed next year, we highly recommend getting […]

Fuel Duty Not to Increase

Motorists will be pleased to have heard the news that the fuel duty increase is being scrapped. This comes as a much needed relief for many after the threatened 3p per litre increase that was formally planned to come into effect in August. As recently as this past weekend was the planned increase spoken about and reinforced by Transport Secretary, Justine Greening.
However, in an unexpected turnaround the 3p rise has been, for now, scrapped. There’s now a plan to reintroduce the increase in fuel duty […]

The Friday Five – Movie Getaway Cars

Let’s just make this clear, this week’s Friday Five is about the car rather than the film it featured in. Our five favourite getaway cars are therefore ordered not in terms of how great the film was, but how great we think the car was in the film and the role the car played. So, with no further ado, here’s out Friday Five:
5. The BMW 7 Series in The Transporter

The BMW 7 series used […]

Aston Martin Revive Old Model

Aston Martin, the quintessential British car manufacturer, has announced that they are to revive the Vanquish. The original Vanquish was quite a hefty, large muscle car with a number of issues, most of all the gearbox and clutch that were forever causing problems. However, the new Vanquish seems to be somewhat different and Aston are confident that more and more will people will look for motor insurance quotes on the Vanquish.
It will be a lighter, quicker, more powerful and more efficient version of the DBS […]

BMW Revamp Flagship Model

BMW’s popular 7-Series has undergone some mild cosmetic work, however, under the skin, it’s seen some more substantial upgrades. This includes several new engines and a re-developed, upgraded rear suspension.
Executive Choice
The 7-Series has been the executive’s choice of BMW for many years – it offers great luxury and fantastic performance whilst being a large and luxurious car. It also offers pretty reasonable motor insurance quotes.
The 7-Series of the 90s, in our opinion, is one of the best looking executive cars ever built. It had style […]