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Could you get cheaper car insurance by taking a cycle awareness course?

Not yet, but under new proposals by the Department for Transport (DfT), UK drivers could earn a reduction on their premiums by taking new cycle awareness course. The new plans come after a sharp increase in fatalities in 2017. The plans are part of a wider, 2-year project by the DfT, looking at 50 different measures to improve the safety for pedestrians and cyclist on UK roads.
Some of the other schemes and proposals include changes to the Highway Code, No-parking zones in cycle lanes and […]

Mistakes at the fuel pumps are leaving drivers out of pocket

Research has shown that drivers in the United Kingdom are spending in excess of £150 million on repairs each year after they put the wrong fuel in their cars. The in-depth research found that the total equates to a driver mistakenly putting in either petrol or diesel once every 105 seconds.
The mistakes result in more than 300,000 vehicles a year needing to be repaired because of such errors. The research was carried out by Halfords and they estimate that using the wrong kind of fuel […]

Men vs. Women: who are the better drivers?

 Men vs. Women: who are the better drivers?
Last October Lewis Hamilton once again flew the flag for Britain in the Formula One series, bringing home his 3rd world title and officially being named the best driver in the world. Some may say that this is more proof towards the belief that men are better drivers than women – however can this be true when there are notoriously few female racing drivers?
If we look at driving on a more general basis and not just on the […]

All-new Peugeot 308

This is the brand new Peugeot 308 – the car that the French manufacturer hopes will end the Volkswagen Golf dominance across Europe.
“We worked hard on the proportions to give a high level of true and perceived quality,” stated Vidal; with a clean, sculpted look inside and out, the key to the new car’s appeal is its quality.
“We’ve reduced what we call the ‘sideways overhang’ between the windows and the wheel arch edge, and have worked on the width and muscle of the car, too.”

New lightweight Audi TT ultra quattro concept revealed

Making its official debut at the Worthersee festival next month is the new Audi TT ultra quattro. There has been a special concept of the car recently revealed, and it’s said to be designed to demonstrate its expertise in lightweight materials.

Brand new Maserati Ghibli is here!

The brand new Maserati Ghibli is here, and it marks the first step in the manufacturer’s master plan to extravagantly increase the sales from 6,000 to 50,000 cars a year by 2015.

New VW Golf GTI Revealed!

Volkswagen has unveiled the all-new Golf GTI – and the legendary hot hatch is available with an optional power upgrade for the first time.
Based on the latest Mk7 Golf, the GTI comes with a 2.0-litre TSI engine that produces 217bhp, but you can also order a new Performance Package, which ups the power to 227bhp.

The McLaren P1 Officially Revealed!

We’ve had rumours and snippets all across the media in regards to the McLaren F1’s successor. Finally, the statistics have been unveiled, and they’re not for the faint of heart!

The Friday Five – Top Hot Hatches

The term ‘hot hatch’ gained widespread use through the 1980s thanks to the influx of high performance hatchbacks from the late 70s onwards, beginning with the VW Golf GT and the Renault 5 Alpine in the 70s. This week, though, the Friday Five this week focuses on hot hatches that are available to buy now!

Fancy a New Mercedes-Benz Roadster?

The new SL500 has recently been launched by Mercedes-Benz and it looks like a very tasty treat indeed with a big V8 powerplant under the bonnet along with numerous other perks. It does cost £83,000 however…