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British & Hungarian Grand Prix

The last few weeks in the Formula 1 world have been exciting, intense and most definitely eventful. We love everything car related here at MotorQuoteDirect, so it is time for another update on the F1. One of the team even went to the British Grand Prix so we have some exclusive pictures to share with you too!
The last Grand Prix was held in Hungry and it did not disappoint. Lewis Hamilton was left struggling during qualifying yet again, and it is now 6 races in […]

Monaco Formula One Grand Prix

Formula One is a great sport and even if you are not an avid follower you will probably recognise the names Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button if they were to come up in conversation. With the Monaco Grand Prix last weekend we thought it was only appropriate to give you an update on what has happened so far.
Monaco is probably the most lavish of the Grand Prix during the season. It is usually a star studded affair with the like of Sir Patrick Stewart making […]

The Sebastian Vettel Infiniti FX

Double F1 World Champion, Sebastian Vettel, has assisted one of Red Bull F1’s leading sponsors, Infiniti, in developing their latest creation: the Infiniti FX. And at first glance, the FX looks absolutely awesome. Even if you are not a fan of SUV’s, or even cars, it’s easy to appreciate that the FX is a good looking car. It looks like a bigger version of a hatch back, doesn’t it?
What’s it Like?
The new FX is also packed with precisely what you’d expect a car that’s been […]