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The Friday Five – Aston Martin

This year it really feels like the pride in being British is truly back! What with so much happening in this country this year we thought we’d take the opportunity to celebrate one of the greatest British names of all time – Aston Martin.
So, this week’s Friday Five is all about the greatest Aston Martin’s of all time. Only a small percentage of the great British public will ever have been able to get a motor insurance quote on such legendary cars due to their […]

The Friday Five – Lotus

The Goodwood Festival of Speed has kicked off this week and it’s the celebratory year of Lotus. The iconic British manufacturer has produced some of the finest sports cars in the world and the Festival of Speed is honouring them with a display in front of Goodwood house and the theme titled “Lotus: Past, Present and Future”. So, this week’s Friday Five takes a look at our top five Lotus’, all of which you’ll be able to request a car insurance quote for, should they […]

The Friday Five – Movie Getaway Cars

Let’s just make this clear, this week’s Friday Five is about the car rather than the film it featured in. Our five favourite getaway cars are therefore ordered not in terms of how great the film was, but how great we think the car was in the film and the role the car played. So, with no further ado, here’s out Friday Five:
5. The BMW 7 Series in The Transporter

The BMW 7 series used […]

The Friday Five – BMW

This week’s Friday Five was born out of the article we posted earlier this week about the BMW i8. It left us wondering whether BMW really were kick starting the beginning of a new chapter in car design and engineering which then led to us thinking about what the best BMW of all time is. So, feast your eyes on this array of the five finest BMW’s you can buy motor insurance for.
1. BMW 3.0 CSL “Batmobile”
Dubbed the “Batmobile” due to its rather ridiculous rear […]

The Friday Five – Top Wacky Races Cars

This 17 episode series which originally ran for just 4 months from 1968-1969, brought child-like fantasy to the world of competitive racing. For young ones that couldn’t appreciate the thrill of F1 or any other real life competitive racing, the antics seen on Wacky Races filled that void.
So this week the Friday Five is revisiting our childhood and working out what the best cars were. But regardless of who came first or last, or which owner had the coolest car, you can bet taking part […]

The Friday Five – Our Favourite Alfa Romeo’s

Our Friday Five topic this week is a result of popular demand! This week it’s our favourite Alfa Romeo’s. And what a category for a Friday Five!! Looking through images and info of great Alfa’s past and present has truly been a joy. Alfa Romeo’s are notoriously unreliable, yet they are also some of the prettiest cars ever produced. They’re rare too and are a true collector’s item! Enjoy our Friday Five, perhaps it might just inspire you to look at investing in an Italian […]

The Friday Five – Top Alternative Fuels

Now more than ever the world is looking to limit its negative impact on the environment. Pollution levels are rising and cars are one of the main culprits. Enter alternative fuels, which allow vehicles to be more environmentally friendly. Here is the Friday Five on our favourite alternative fuels.
1. Electricity
The most famous and increasingly common alternative fuel in use. The advantages of electric cars include a considerable reduction in emissions and empowering a country to become less reliant on foreign oil. However they aren’t perfect […]

The Friday Five – Top Technologies

Top Technologies
This week our Friday Five is all about swanky car technology! From phone chargers to robotic cars, we’ve listed the five most advanced technologies in the automotive industry! Check ‘em out:
1. Fingerprint Starter
Losing your keys will never be a problem if your car starts with the scan of a fingerprint, yours to be specific. This technology has been available for a few years now and it can be used as a security measure as well as a key. With fingerprint identification technology, only authorised […]

The Friday Five – Superhero Cars

Welcome to our first Friday Five feature. This is where we rank our favourite five cars within a given category. This week it’s Superhero Cars! Now, of course, one may struggle to get motor insurance on such cars, however the point of these features is to have some fun and let you guys tell us what you think the top five should be! So, please have a look through the pictures and let us know how you’d rank your five favourite superhero cars by leaving […]

Introducing the Friday Five

This week, for the very first time, we’re launching our Friday Five. This is an interactive feature that you can get involved in at your leisure.
Every week we shall be running a Friday Five we’ll pick a category and list our favourite five cars within the category. So, for example, this week we’ve been thinking about our top five superhero cars. So, for this week’s Friday Five we’ll be launching a blog post listing our five favourite superhero cars, funnily enough, on Friday!
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