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Top 5 Post-Apocalyptic 4x4s

The apocalypse has happened and you are one of the few survivors. Whether a giant tsunami has engulfed the globe, whether there’s been an asteroid hit, a lethal virus epidemic, zombie apocalypse.. the possibilities are endless.

Friday Five: Mediocre cars of 2012

It’s hard nowadays to find a car which is truly “bad”, what with the countless regulations and quality control measures in place. We have however found some pretty mediocre examples, many of which exhibit certain unwanted characteristics, be it ‘boring’, ‘sub-par’, ‘dull’ or ‘characterless’.

The Friday Five – The Fastest Production Cars Money Can Buy

This week we’re taking a look at the five fastest cars in the world that money can buy – straight out the factory. Of course with modern modifications there may be car owners out there with modified cars that could challenge those in our list below, if so, let us know by leaving us a comment.

The Friday Five: Top 5 Car Maintenance Procedures

According to a recent survey, most motorists don’t have a clue what to do when it comes to car maintenance with the vast majority (about 90%) not being able to name simple tools such as wrenches etc. An astonishing 10% of people asked didn’t know how to open the car bonnet, let alone change a tyre. Make sure that you’ve got your car to a minimum standard or you may risk breaking the law and invalidating your car insurance. Here are the top five tips […]

The Friday Five: Most Stolen and Recovered cars

Last year there were just under half a million reported incidents of third party car crime. That’s a huge number of incidents of which most happened in Hull and seven other cities in the Midlands and North East. The safest place was however Swindon, which incidentally has the most complicated roundabout in the United Kingdom. Many cars do however get returned, a probability which is improved a lot if you have a GPS tracking device, which should also reduce your car insurance quote.

The Friday Five – Top Hot Hatches

The term ‘hot hatch’ gained widespread use through the 1980s thanks to the influx of high performance hatchbacks from the late 70s onwards, beginning with the VW Golf GT and the Renault 5 Alpine in the 70s. This week, though, the Friday Five this week focuses on hot hatches that are available to buy now!

The Friday Five – Lamborghini

This week the Friday Five is all about Lamborghini, one of the most outlandish car companies on the planet. You can always be sure a new Lamborghini will be something to excite car fans across the globe and only a few are lucky enough to own one! They do, however, demand incredibly high price tags and motor insurance will certain not come cheap!

The Friday Five – Top Five Japanese Imports

Following on from our top five American Muscle cars that we blogged about in our last Friday Five, this week we’re looking at the five best Japanese cars on the market. Japanese cars have for decades been some of the most reliable cars you could buy and more recently they’ve produced some of the best cars money can buy!

The Friday Five – American Muscle Cars

The Friday Five is back with a bang this week, or perhaps more appropriately, a burble and a growl, as we’re talking all things muscle cars! Specifically, American muscle! Whether you love them or loathe them, everyone has something to say about American muscle cars. So, check out our top five muscle cars and let us know what you think by commenting below:

The Friday Five – Ferrari

Last week it was our favourite five Aston Martin’s, this week we’re talking all about Ferrari! It’s the F40’s 25th anniversary this year, and this past weekend a world record 60 F40’s took to the Silverstone circuit as part of the celebration. So it seems only right for this week’s Friday Five to focus on the prancing horse, Ferrari!
5. Ferrari 355
The Ferrari 355 makes it onto the Friday Five thanks to its looks and wide reaching appeal. It’s by no means a sharpened supercar and […]