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Electric Cars Dangerously Quiet!

Electric and hybrid cars have been praised for their silence, making cities better places to live and free of noise pollution in the future. Its seems however that this silence has its critics, notable, car safety campaigners.

Integrating phone & car

Whilst car performance and handling has remained relatively unchanged since ten years ago, we have seen improvements and radical changes in several key areas including safety, fuel economy and of course electronics.

Google’s Self Driving Car

Last year Google launched a self driving car project to test the boundaries of technology and driving in a bid to enable drivers to be more productive when they are behind the wheel. Earlier in the week Google announced that the vehicle had surpassed the 300,000 mile mark.
The Findings
In a report published by the head engineer of the project, Chris Urmson, he has said, “Our vehicles, of which about a dozen are on the road at any given time, have now completed more than 300,000 […]

New Jaguar Hybrid Hypercar

Turbo power is currently the “in thing” within the automotive world and Jaguar are the latest to shout about their next turbo charged creation. The C-X75 hypercar is yet to actually be confirmed for production, however Jaguar are making all the correct noises that point towards the C-X75’s eventual production with the car currently in the development stage.
The Performance
Under the bonnet will sit a small 1.6 litre engine, however attached to this will be, not only a turbocharger, but a supercharger too! This is quite […]

The BMW i Project

BMW have this week confirmed that they are to increase the production of the Birmingham Hams Hall engine facility. In doing so the new three cylinder turbocharged i8 engine will be produced. This is the engine that is set to power the production version of the innovative and rather futuristic i8 Spyder.
The Story of the i8
The i8 Spyder is set to take the automotive world by storm. Not only will it look like it’s from out of space, but it will be quick too whilst […]

Are Electric Cars the Future?

For the last couple of years electric cars have started becoming a bigger part of the motoring world and although the growth may be slower than initially expected, more charging station, eco incentives and models of electric cars are being released.
For example, in the last week alone there have been calls by environmental groups to give Scottish electric car drivers a £10,000 incentive and Nissan want to roll out more charging points at UK motorway service stations.
Electric Car Critics
However, there are still a lot of […]