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How much is your driving licence worth?

How much is your driving licence worth?
Well to the majority of the citizens of the United Kingdom it is hard to imagine life without it. First and foremost it enables us to live the life we do at a pace that would be impossible without the use of the family car, even non drivers such as children and senior citizens rely on a family member to be available with a car for a great many things, the school run, trips to the doctors or perhaps […]

First Aid Training as part of your Driving Test?

MP’s are currently giving thought to introducing a mandatory first aid training course to be taken prior to taking your driving test.
According to St John’s Ambulance, 59 percent wouldn’t feel confident to attempt to save a life at the road side, with half of deaths from road collisions occurring within minutes of an incident. Most feel they would wait until an ambulance arrived.
The change would inevitably save lives but is the additional pressure on those who do not feel comfortable carrying out such a task […]

Lamborghini closing one door and opening another

Lamborghini started out all those years ago manufacturing tractors but for fifty years now they have been making world class cars. Joining the Lamborghini family ten years ago came the Gallardo. Even though it has only been around for a fifth of the lifetime of the production of the cars the Gallardo actually make up fifty per cent of the total Lamborghini’s ever sold.
Now has come the time for Lamborghini to close the lid on the production of the Gallardo and make way for its […]

Ferrari versus McLaren

Last weekend, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the Ferrari 458 Spider was showcased and, in our opinion, it’s got to be one of the most beautiful cars ever built. Then, this week, the McLaren MP4-12C Spider has been revealed. It seems these two just cannot escape one another. If they’re not going head to head on the Grand Prix circuit then they’re competing off it with their respective road cars.
Ferrari 458 Spider
The 458 is incredibly stylish with striking angular lines in all the right […]