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New Plans for Tough Treatment for Bad Drivers

Bad drivers habits – Yesterday we discussed in the news the more severe punishments that are going to be imposed for drivers. Below we have written the top three things and what you can do to stop being caught out.
The top three irritating habits of drivers on the road are undoubtedly illegal mobile phone use, middle-lane hogging and tailgating. However long you’ve been driving, you’ll have certainly come across one of these! Though all of these bad habits are most definitely illegal, until recently they […]

Battle of the Sexes

For so long there has been a struggle for supremacy over who’s the better driver, men or women? Both sexes are adamant that they have the upper hand behind the wheel yet neither will listen to arguments from the opposite sex. So, while this age-old argument rages on, we’ve found this fantastic infographic detailing a comparison between sexes when it comes to driving tests, parking and the amount of accidents either sex were involved in, which ultimately result in motor insurance claims.
Take a look below […]

Choosing Your Perfect Car

Those of you, like myself, that are big petrol heads all dream of one day owning our perfect car. Whether you want extreme thrills and speed, or optimum comfort and luxury, the chances are it will be very expensive and will probably be a little out of your current price range. Nevertheless it’s fun to dream! However, this blog isn’t about our “dream cars”, it’s about the “perfect car” for you right now.
My Perfect Car
Right now the perfect car for me is something small and […]

The Stig unmasked

Well it’s true then, motoring enthusiasts and in particular, ones that watch BBC TV have finally found out who is the mystery face behind The Stig!
To the uninitiated it more than likely sounds nothing more than a load of rubbish, but fans of the programme and the programme producers themselves took the disclosure a lot more seriously. So serious in fact that the BBC went to court to prevent the disclosure of Ben Collins as the mystery figure on the Top Gear programme.  Obviously they […]