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BMW X4 Concept

We already understand that BMW is planning to fill in the gaps in its already standard line-up with the incredible 2 Series and 4 Series. Although now, it’s turning all of its attention to its X models as it introduces the concept of the new X4 at the Shanghai Motor Show later this month.

Volvo V40 to get VW-style platform technology…

The next generation of small Volvos will include an XC40 crossover
Volvo has confirmed that it will be developing a new small car platform to rival the Volkswagen Golf MQB technology that also underpins cars ranging from the Skoda Octavia to the Audi A3.

£50,000: The Potential Cost of Drink Driving

As part of a road-safety campaign, the government has unveiled the potential cost of being convicted for drink driving to be up to around £50,000.

New VW Golf GTI Revealed!

Volkswagen has unveiled the all-new Golf GTI – and the legendary hot hatch is available with an optional power upgrade for the first time.
Based on the latest Mk7 Golf, the GTI comes with a 2.0-litre TSI engine that produces 217bhp, but you can also order a new Performance Package, which ups the power to 227bhp.

Friday Five: Car Maintenance Tips

Looking after your car isn’t rocket science, but keeping it in good shape yourself is beneficial to both your safety and financial stability! Top it off with a cheap car insurance policy and you’re sorted!

The New VW Polo R WRC

Volkswagen have just released their new and most powerful Polo ever, having a whopping 220bhp and delivering a top speed of 151mph. The Polo R WRC has been released In conjunction with its World Rally Championship (pictured above) car and is ranked above the Polo GTi.

The Friday Five: Most Stolen and Recovered cars

Last year there were just under half a million reported incidents of third party car crime. That’s a huge number of incidents of which most happened in Hull and seven other cities in the Midlands and North East. The safest place was however Swindon, which incidentally has the most complicated roundabout in the United Kingdom. Many cars do however get returned, a probability which is improved a lot if you have a GPS tracking device, which should also reduce your car insurance quote.

Practical and Theory Driving Tests

A recent poll has revealed that the large majority of motorists in the UK are confident that they would be able to pass their practical driving test if they were to retake it. However, in terms of the theory part of the test, it seems a large portion of us would struggle…

Ford To Release New Focus ST

A new Ford Focus ST is going to be hitting our roads later this year with the entry level model costing around £21,995. The new ST is set to build on a great line of Focus ST models that have rejuvenated Ford’s offering of hatchbacks in recent years. The new ST is set to be the best yet!
Enough Oomph!
Under the bonnet lies a four cylinder, 2.0 litre, Ecoboost engine with a turbocharger that offers 247bhp whilst also achieving a great fuel economy of 39mpg. The […]

Holiday Hire Car

If you’re anything like me, when you go on holiday you’ll want to explore the towns and cities near to where you’re staying and to do so you’ll require a hire car. Whether you decide to book the hire car in advance or whether you simply pick one up at the local car rental place near to where you’re staying, renting a hire car can be an interesting experience, as I found out last week.
Make and Model
Having pre-booked with Europcar, one of the most reputable […]